An update on Jaeger!






Well he’s 4 months old now and after our vet check up last weekend hovering at 46 lbs!

This pic is at the vet where all the ladies swooned over him!

J at vet

He’s developed ankles recently (finally growing into those huge front feet)! But the back paws, he’s still pretty hopeless with those, but so would I if I was 4 months old with 8.5″ paws!

He and Oz play every day and Oz usually ends up with dog saliva everywhere from the occasional licks that Jaeger gets in.  Oz holds his own (he does have a 6ft vertical jump in his arsenal).

His coat is changing all the time; now he’s a mix of black, brown and beige (and he has brown tiny freckles on his snout).

J with freckles 10.15

Still bounding around with endless energy and discovering the joys of an empty milk jug. He is his sweetest when just waking up from a nap, ears folded back, ready to be cuddled, while sitting (always) squarely on your foot.

J sleeping

We own a dog that buries and unearths his bones in the backyard (definitely didn’t teach him that)!

J Gazing

Love him more every day!


Things we love…Jaeger!






Baby Jaeger is growing up FAST! He’s now roughly 16 weeks old and we estimate his weight to be between 40-45 pounds! Definitely the biggest dog I’ve ever had! Our pug, Oliver topped out the scales at 26 lbs today ( such a svelte little guy:).

Training is going well; typical of the German Shepard breed he is very smart and learns fast. We’ve mastered voice and hand signals for sit, down and stay and i’m working on “where’s Mommy and Daddy?” I know, silly, but fun!

Not aggressive at all and very loving and responsive. His main obstacle these days: his feet, which resemble bear paws rather than dog’s. He is still learning to manage them and watching him run, trip, slide and tumble is adorable.

Here he is now!

J1 10.15.15

and at 8 weeks old…!

Baby J 10.22.15