Elizabeth Goddard’s great new thriller is here: “Cold Light of Day”

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Cold Light of Day is the first in Elizabeth Goddard’s new Missing in Alaska series. It is a fantastic read–and you know this from the very first chapter, which starts with a bang!

About Cold Light of Day

Autumn Long is the police chief of the small Alaskan town Shadow Gap. She’s also a certified diver, daughter of the former police chief (her dad), and absolutely committed to being the strong and competent leader her town needs.

Except, in a small town, there are politics. Which can make things more difficult, for sure–even if it’s just in the cruel words or complaints made to higher authorities. And suddenly, to complicate Autumn’s job even more, there has been a murder. And reports of shots fired. And worse…and more.

She can’t trust everyone around her but when a chance rescue throws her into Grier Brenner’s path, he seems to become a willing and quite able ally or assistant. But he has secrets he’s keeping as well. And he’s supposed to be staying as anonymous and unconnected as possible.

But the crimes keep occurring. And they are drawing Grier and Autumn together.

My thoughts about Cold Light of Day

I have spent a small (admittedly, *very* small) amount of time in Alaska. It’s stunning and breathtaking; the mountains, water, and forests are incredible.

But just imagine, if you will, trying to police an area that includes not only wild animals that could kill you, but terrain and weather that could as well. Now continue that imagining, and think of a police force with only a few officers who serve a town; a town that is situated along a fjord of frigid water, and beside a forest that stretches into hills. Add to that the freezing temperatures and snow of the winter (probably fall and spring to a degree).

Alaska is gorgeous. And it draws people, I think, that are hardy. (Or grows them that way.) But I think that the landscape itself must create a challenge for law enforcement before they even consider the crimes they must solve and perpetrators they’ve got to pursue and arrest in the course of justice.

Autumn is an incredibly strong woman, determined to protect and to serve. But she’s got enemies; on the city council, for sure, and perhaps within her own small force. As she’s battling to keep her job, crimes are being committed; against her community members and even against visitors. She finds that Grier is standing beside her to help, in various treacherous situations; but the secrets he’s keeping are also putting distance between them. But he can’t share those with her; even his presence is putting her in danger.

What a read! I haven’t met an Elizabeth Goddard book yet that I haven’t loved; and Cold Light of Day is another. It’s one that I’m very happy to recommend to you. Gorgeous landscape, fantastic protagonists, and the unfolding of shocking mysteries. Don’t miss this fabulous thriller!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All opinions shared here are my own honest ones.

Fantastic new cyber-suspense novel: Elizabeth Goddard’s “Critical Alliance” (a Revell Reads review)

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I DO love a great suspense book–with a little romance! Elizabeth Goddard’s newest, book 3 in the Rocky Mountain Courage series, has all of that and more. Revell Reads was kind enough to send me a copy of this wonderful book. And I won’t be giving anything away–except how fantastic it was–if I tell you I read it all in one day!

Okay. I have to give a LITTLE away…to let you know why you’ll want to read this.

About Critical Alliance

Years ago, bright and talented Mackenzie Hanson wandered a little too far into the hacking world…and negatively altered her potential future (and her family relationships) as a result. She was able to recover to a degree, and managed to create a career as a university professor, teaching cybersecurity. (Having broken the law when she was a juvenile enabled her court records to be sealed.) But when she spots her former fellow hacker Julian, who hands her a mysterious card–just before a terrible accident–at a carnival while on a date with a fellow faculty member, her professional life suddenly didn’t seem to matter that much. All Mackenzie wanted was to get home to Montana to see her family. Even though that family sort of informally disowned her when she made her foray into illegal activities.

But when Mackenzie makes it home, she has some terrible discoveries to make, about her family and her family business. Now not only Hanstech, founded by her deceased father, is under attack; but she and her siblings are as well. Will Mackenzie’s exceptional hacking skills save Hanstech in time; or could they target her in the eyes of the feds? Or, worse, expose her to the deadly person behind the attacks? Diplomatic Security Services agent Alex Knight, who’s on mandated “vacation” following an op gone bad, might be Mackenzie’s only hope. If even he can help her.

Drones. Hackers. A broken family. And danger. Maybe even the brightest and strongest won’t be able to overcome these.

My thoughts

Well–I told you earlier that I read Critical Alliance in one day!

I am a huge fan of police procedurals and thrillers. And Elizabeth Goddard captivated me immediately with her slightly flawed hacker turned college professor Mackenzie. A woman who’d made an enormous series of mistakes as a teen admitted her errors, turned over evidence to the FBI, and sought to redeem herself. Only to be rejected by the siblings I’m sure she’d hoped would support her on her new road. So alone, except for God and her faith, she crafted a different future. Yet Mackenzie’s love for her family caused her to run back home immediately to help them when she discovered they were in danger.

And then, there’s Alex. The sparks of attraction between the former hacker and the special agent are enormous. But Alex has mistakes–grave ones–in his own past. I loved seeing how he puts Mackenzie’s safety above his attraction to her, and how he drops everything to help her and try to keep her alive.

The combination of cybersecurity, video-gaming, drones, and people who may or may not be who you think they are kept me turning page after page as quickly as I could. The only thing I’m sorry about after finishing Critical Alliance is that it is the last book in a series of three!

Pick up a copy of Critical Alliance for yourself. You’ll love Mackenzie and Alex; and then, like me, you’ll want to grab books 1 & 2 of the Rocky Mountain Courage series. (Just FYI: they’re called Present Danger and Deadly Target. And you’ll meet some of their characters in Critical Alliance!)

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All opinions are my own.