Encouraging book on the end times: “Global Reset” (a review)

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Do you read books that explore the prophetic books in the Bible–or those about the end times? FrontGate Media provided one for me that was an exemplary read; full of encouragement and Scripture. It’s co-written by Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley, and it’s called Global Reset.

How my reading began

Global Reset and I had a bit of a rocky start.

You see, I caught a horrible summer cold or virus a few weeks ago. (Not corona.) But, it sent me to bed for a good 35+ hours.

I thought that a cup of coffee would be nice to have one morning as I rested. So I filled my cup, went back upstairs, and as I walked toward the bed the cup and its handle separated themselves. (Kind of like when you see someone slice off the top of a champagne bottle with a katana.) I was left holding the handle and the (FULL) cup of coffee and half-and-half fell to the ground, spewing its contents all over the carpet and my stack of books beside the bed. Including Global Reset, which was drenched.

I hollered for help, my husband came running, and we grabbed towels and wipes and cleaned the liquid from the carpet and off the books. So Global Reset had to dry. And when it did and I could begin to read, I discovered that the book starts with an art theft that has always been one of the saddest stories to me, an aficionado and former teacher of art. So yes, that was rocky. (Also, it was my favorite cup.) I might have been predisposed to have an attitude about this book simply because of those things. But, I read, and continued to read.

a favorite passage–with coffee stain

What I discovered as I read

The authors do begin the book by describing some current events that we’ve all lived through in recent years (coronavirus, etc.). These current events serve as a springboard to discuss what the book is actually about: what the Bible says about the end times, and specifically, about these Biblical teachings deriving from Revelation, Daniel, Matthew, and Ezekiel, among others:

  • The rapture, the Tribulation, and the church
  • The mark of the Beast (what the Bible says it is and what it is NOT) and the Antichrist
  • Nations and their mentions in the Bible (spoiler: America is not one of them)
  • How current events *might* be setting the stage for these future events
  • And what, perhaps most importantly, Christ-followers should be doing in light of these

The effect the book had on me

The more I read of Global Reset, the more it moved me. Now. I am not a Bible scholar, but I am a woman who’s loved studying the Bible inductively. I believe, deeply, that one must allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. This can be done by looking at the original Hebrew and Greek (for me, that means with dictionaries and concordances), and by cross-referencing verses which speak about the same topics. Also, one considers what the verses meant to the original audience. At this point, one can utilize commentaries by Bible scholars. But if one is inductively studying the Bible, it helps to leave the opinions of others until personal study is concluded.

I don’t know personally what Hitchcock’s and Kinley’s study methods were. But I do believe, after reading Global Reset, that they handle the Scriptures and these prophetic passages (which, let’s face it, are some of the most difficult to interpret by readers) carefully and respectfully, not utilizing verses willy-nilly or to prove their own points.

I believe that Global Reset is a book which will encourage believers about the end times, about the order of events in that era, and about what Christians can do in light of these teachings. Because isn’t that the point? I don’t think that God put these verses in His Word to terrify Christians and cause us to focus on our own personal fears about these end-time events. Rather, I think it is so that we know what is coming–and so that we can live accordingly, sharing Jesus and His love and salvation with those who don’t know Him. And following Him and loving Him ourselves.

Some of my favorite passages

You know if you read my reviews, that I love including meaningful book passages so that readers can get a taste of the books I’m sharing. Here are some of the parts of Global Reset that I loved!

  • “This should bring supreme comfort to everyone who reads these words. What we are seeing played out before our eyes is part of the divine script leading to the coming of Jesus Christ…And the same God who rules time and nations rules the intimate details of your life and mine.” (p. 74)
  • “If you are running low on hope these days, set aside time often to think about the world to come. Take time to read Revelation 20-22, develop an eternal perspective, and seek to live a righteous live in view of what lies ahead.” (p. 163)
  • “[We are to be] looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13, emphasis added)…Waiting. Looking. Purifying. Exactly what you would expect a loving bride to do.” (p. 131)
  • “Never, in all my sorrows, did my Lord draw nearer to me, and speak more soothingly to my soul, than when the moonlight flickered among these chestnut leaves, and the night air played on my throbbing brow, as I told all my heart to Jesus. Alone, yet not alone!” (Missionary John G. Paton’s account of hiding in a tree after having fled for his life; p. 177-178)

What hope these passages stir up in me! So often I forget (as Paton shares in his quote) that Jesus is waiting for me to tell all my heart to Him. All my hurts and sorrows; my confusion and pain; and yes, also my joys. He is the best and most intimate Friend to us.

And finally, Global Reset‘s impact on me, a reader

I read a lot of books, as you might imagine, as a book reviewer. They’re often fun, or full of helpful advice or ideas. But sometimes, a book will impact me at the deepest heart level. And Global Reset is that kind of book.

What I felt as I moved closer to the final pages of Global Reset is that it is a book that makes me love Jesus more; that it inspires me to draw closer to Him and more deeply into His Word. It made a difference in my own faith, seeing the end time events and all their accompanying Scriptures laid out in order. It caused me to see God and His love in a deeper and quite significant way; and His tender love for us all. It is drawing me to a place of closer study of the Scriptures. And, I believe it can do the same thing for you.

THAT is incredibly wonderful and amazing to me!

Where you can purchase

You can find Global Reset on Amazon at the link below.

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Enjoy–and be blessed! –Wren

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own honest ones.