Goodies from Vocalpoint!

Have you joined Vocalpoint yet? Vocalpoint is another awesome online community for women, free to join and organized and run by Procter and Gamble. As a Vocalpoint member, you have access to neat freebies (sometimes even full-sized products!), samples and coupons for P&G products. I have received amazing freebies over the years (Bounce Dryer bar, Pantene Moisture Whip, Olay Lash Duo, Align Probiotics, to name a few). I’ve gotten to try small samples and also received coupons for products I ended up loving. Well, and some products I didn’t, but I really enjoy getting exposed to new things and trying them out!

Today, log in to your account (or join and create an account) and you may have the opportunity to sign up to receive a number of coupons or samples (my page had offers for coupons or samples from Metamucil, Nokia/Verizon, Venus, and Iams) including the newest coupon offer, Bounty Dura Towel.

Vocalpoint says:

“Even after just one day’s use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. Yuck! Only NEW Bounty DuraTowel is clinically proven to be 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth.”

Try Vocalpoint out!  Sign in or sign up and see what offers are available to you today!  Here is a link to the sign up page:

Enjoy!  ——Wren