“The Prince and the Prodigal” ~ a Revell Reads review

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Recently, Revell Reads sent me a copy of Jill Eileen Smith’s incredible novel about the story of Joseph, his family, his sufferings, and his eventual triumph: The Prince and the Prodigal. It is worth every moment of your reading time!

About The Prince and the Prodigal

Jill Eileen Smith begins with the Genesis 37-50 account of Joseph and unfolds the story masterfully, creating a narrative that takes us inside the hearts and minds of the sons (and daughter) of Jacob. These chapters cover a lot of ground for those who will comprise the beginnings of the nation of Israel, and that ground includes favoritism, jealousy, kidnapping, murder, selling a human into slavery, lying, and deception. (And more.) In The Prince and the Prodigal, the author writes an incredible novel that uses Joseph and Judah as its main protagonists, with first-person perspectives from Dinah and Tamar as well.

Readers get the opportunity to step into the distant pasts of Canaan and Egypt, and into the lives and the cultures of those mentioned in Genesis. What happens when horrible wrongs are done to the women and men who live there? How will they get past those? The intimate thoughts and faith of God’s people shine brightly through Jill Eileen Smith’s writing.

My thoughts about this book

What was Joseph, son of Jacob, really like? Genesis tells us about his dreams, of course, which start his whole story; plus his actions and who he becomes over time in Egypt. We only get a brief glimpse of his emotions, though what we see in Scripture is extremely vivid (his weeping when his brothers are brought before him; the names he selects for his sons that tell not only of his suffering but of God’s provision; his desire for his father to know how he’s succeeded in Egypt). If ever there were a man who had a lot to forgive, it was Joseph. Yet Joseph’s timeline also includes the stories of Dinah and Tamar, who were also both enormously wronged.

Jill Eileen Smith tells a FANTASTIC story of these individuals; and not only of them, but of Joseph’s brothers, of Potiphar and Potiphar’s wife. She is able to draw back the curtain on what their thoughts and motivations might have been; and the incredible victory that faith and perseverance win in them. Because the story of Joseph is not just the story of a man, sold into slavery, who was able to triumph; it’s an encouragement to all of us when we have experienced times of suffering that seem as though they’ll never end.

Do get a copy of The Prince and the Prodigal for yourself. You will find it captivating and compelling reading; and you’ll be encouraged and blessed by the end of it.

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Prince and the Prodigal from Revell Reads. All opinions are honest and my own.