See the rich & wonderful “Southern Gospel” in theaters now–and enter to win an Amazon GC! (ends 3/18/23)

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Friends, I’ve had the opportunity to see an unusual and wonderful movie that you can see now in theaters: “Southern Gospel.” It is filled with so much beauty and redemption; as well as the deep, sometimes overwhelming pain that we can experience living on this earth. Let me tell you more about this film, and my impressions of it, its actors, and theme. Plus, you can enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card below!

About “Southern Gospel”

Here’s a brief synopsis of the film from its production company:

“Samuel Allen, a 1960’s rockstar, finds himself in jail after struggling with years of anger and blame toward organized religion that has led him down a road of rebellion. In a moment of divine intervention, the judge dismisses drug charges against him under the pretense that Samuel speaks to local schools and churches about the dangers of drugs. Given a second chance, he follows in his father’s footsteps to become a preacher, overcoming the influence of a powerful church leader with a personal vendetta against his family.

SOUTHERN GOSPEL is the story of a man overcoming brokenness and never surrendering the dream on his journey to find the gospel…”Southern Gospel.””

The truly wonderful and so-believable cast includes:

  • Four-time Emmy nominee Max Ehrich as Samuel
  • Katelyn Nacon (“The Walking Dead”) as Julia
  • Emma Myers (Netflix’s “Wednesday”) as Angie
  • J. Alphonse Nicholson (“P. Valley,” “Just Mercy”) as Barry
  • Gary Weeks (“Outer Banks,” “Spiderman: Homecoming”) as Samuel’s father, Joe

My thoughts

My heart was captured by the “Southern Gospel” trailer the first time I saw it–and oh, how I loved the film when I watched it, as well!

Stretching over a time period from the 1950s to the 1980s (though the very end carries viewers up to the present day), “Southern Gospel” brings it all: incredible music, fantastic performances by talented actors, a believable (and true!) storyline–and, told most beautifully, the redemptive power and love of God as He reaches out to human beings.

Do you ever feel as though you’re not “good enough” for God, or to set foot inside a church? People can certainly make us feel that way (and really, our own flesh can as well). That’s completely not how God feels about us. Recently, the pastor of a church we’ve just begun to attend preached a service on that very thing: the grace of God, offered to us all; and how that grace, extended to us and paid for by Jesus’s death on the cross and sealed by His resurrection, is the only thing that saves us. We’re not saved by our works, or by living a “good” life, or by our own winsomeness, attending the “right” church, or our standing here on earth.

It’s only His grace.

Samuel is loved incredibly by his dad, Joe, who pastors the church they attend. Joe preaches God’s love and grace, and encourages his son and parishioners to dwell in those things, and to hold fast to their dream and calling (intertwined, as this story tells it). Samuel’s gifting is in his music, but also in his ability to preach. Contrary to his dad’s sermons and life, though, some church officials are quick to tell people (including Samuel) that it’s not just God and His love. Instead, it’s having “perfect” behavior that saves a person–including not drinking. Not swimming with the opposite sex. Not dancing. Keeping all the church rules.

And Samuel is young enough that he hasn’t been able to discern the difference between those, just yet. And when tragedies strike, he walks away from God, his faith, and the church.

Those are not the end of Samuel’s (or our!) story. Because God has never let go of him. And his redemption has been waiting for him.

And…my favorite parts of this movie

Y’all, there is so much to recommend in “Southern Grace.” The acting is superb; you feel as though you really know the characters. It’s not really what I’d call a typical faith-based movie, however; the pain Samuel and his family and friends feel is real, honest, and sometimes terrible (I’d give a content warning for suicide, abuse, and drug and alcohol addiction). Yet while the pain he and his loved ones experience is realistic, the movie is not hopeless. God’s hand of redemption, love, and help are there, reaching out for and saving his precious children.

I loved so much about this movie! But I don’t want to give you spoilers, so I’ll make the description of those things brief. Here they are:

  • Sam’s incredible relationship with his loving dad, Joe
  • The forgiveness and grace not only that God extends to the characters (again, remember that this is based on a true story!) but that they extend to each other
  • The faithfulness seen in so many relationships
  • And last but not least, the music! It’s fantastic and covers so many eras

I recommend this movie to you wholeheartedly. It’s not really a film for kids but it’s something that you could take your teens to. There are so many conversations you could have based on this movie; on faith, God’s love for us, what church can be, and how to get through the pains and sorrows of life. Just so good!

Watch the “Southern Gospel” trailer here

Buy tickets for “Southern Gospel” here

Purchase tickets for “Southern Gospel” at the movie’s website below (plus you can check out more about the film there!)

Buy “Southern Gospel” movie tickets here

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Enjoy! –Wren


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“A Thousand Tomorrows” ~ Karen Kingsbury’s new series on Pure Flix (plus a GA, ends 2/27/23)

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I haven’t been to a rodeo in a long time. But watching “A Thousand Tomorrows” made me feel that I was right back there, in the middle of one! Pure Flix and Momentum Influencer Network made it possible for me to see the first two episodes of this new series. Karen Kingsbury has always had the ability in her writing to capture my heart (well…and sometimes break it in the process too *wink*). So I approached this series with excitement and expectations of great things. These were definitely met in the first two episodes I’ve seen. I’m going to tell you about my experiences with Episode 2, “Hooked.” And you’re going to want to watch this wonderful series too–when its first episodes release on Pure Flix, February 24!

About “A Thousand Tomorrows,” from the producers

From #1 New York Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury, only God knows how many tomorrows we have left. In the dangerous and competitive rodeo world, how will Cody and Ali make the most of their time together?

“It’s absolutely amazing to see my novel, ‘A Thousand Tomorrows,’ come to life on the screen,” said author Karen Kingsbury. “But what’s more amazing is how God uses these stories to touch hearts and transform lives. He deserves all the glory for my writing and for my work reaching wider audiences by becoming shows or movies.”

The six-episode series from AFFIRM Originals premieres the first two episodes on Friday, February 24, with new episodes following every Friday. The series is about Cody Gunnar, a nationally-renowned bull rider who is cocky, brash and a legend among his peers. On track to the top, Cody has rejected everything about his past – his famous father, hurting mother and every woman who ever came along. His heart only has room for his younger brother, Carl Joseph. That’s when barrel racer Ali Daniels enters his life. Only God knows how many tomorrows they will have together. Can Cody and Ali make the most of their time in the dangerous and competitive rodeo world?

The series features themes of trust, forgiveness, love, redemption and transformation. The novel, A Thousand Tomorrows, is the first in a series about bull rider Cody Gunnar. Karen Kingsbury, who has penned over 60 works of fiction and nonfiction and with some 25 million copies sold, co-wrote the scripts for the series with her son, Tyler Russell.

…and my thoughts about it

Just wonderful!

The series takes its time to introduce viewers to Cody, Ali, their family and friends, who are all quite varied. Ali and her parents live their faith, as do Cody’s mom and brother Carl Joseph. (Cody’s dad? Well, that waits to be seen.) Cody and his friends celebrate their rodeo days with a night out for drinks (except for the one friend who drinks water).

Those differences disappear in the arena, where both Cody (in bull riding) and Ali (a barrel racer) are fierce competitors. They don’t seem to have anything in common apart from that. But as the story moves along at a good pace, and the protagonists’ stories, and their life histories, begin to be revealed. (I admit, I watched episodes 1 and 2) They’ve both had their share of tough times, but the outcome has been quite different for each one.

So, that’s the setup. Now, let me tell you my feelings about the show!

I loved the story. And actors Colin Ford and Rose Reid bring their characters to life richly and wonderfully. He notices her first; but after each rodeo she heads back to the trailer she shares with her mama during the rodeo circuit. And Cody heads out to party following each rodeo. The things that begin to draw them together seem to be small things; but they’re sweet and even captivating.

And watching the rodeo competitions is absolutely –sometimes– breathtaking! I literally winced every time a bull rider was thrown from the bull he was riding. And might even have held my breath watching the women and their horses hurtle toward the finish line in their barrel races. Even if you’re a newbie to rodeo life, you’ll catch on immediately, and become as invested in the competitions as you are in the characters’ lives.

I don’t want to tell you too much about those lives and secrets, though. You’ll learn those, as you watch. But I can guarantee you a great story that will capture your heart (as Karen Kingsbury’s stories always do!). I will tell you that Cody’s initial admiration of Ali grows, little by little (as he notices his bad-boy ways don’t seem to have any effect on her). And Ali? We get to know her better–and some of the reasons she makes the choices she does. They spring from a deeper well than we suspect to begin with. All in all, Cody and Ali, despite their differences, are sort of lonely people, cut off from wider groups of acquaintances or deeper friendships. That makes them ready to begin to engage with each other.

Sweet words from the co-stars

“I can really relate to my character Cody Gunnar,” said actor Colin Ford. “I grew up a Christian, but didn’t really practice my faith in my youth and that’s changed a lot in the last few years. Cody experienced trials and tribulations in his childhood and was focused on surviving. It’s not until he meets Ali that he learns faith is what can sustain him through love and loss.” Colin played roles in Daybreak, the upcoming THE HILL, and CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Rose Reid plays Ali in “A Thousand Tomorrows,” and she’s also been featured in SWEET, SWEET SUMMERTIME and A WELCOME HOME CHRISTMAS. “I really love this story of Cody and Ali,” said actress Rose Reid. “It really encourages audiences to seek a higher power and something greater than themselves in difficult times. For my character Ali, even though she’s going through something difficult, she has so much strength from her faith in God and she knows she’s not alone in the struggle. And that’s such a powerful example for anyone who watches this show.”

“A Thousand Tomorrows” Online & Website

“A Thousand Tomorrows” is streaming on Pure Flix. Here’s a link to its page!

Pure Flix link for streaming “A Thousand Tomorrows”

Pure Flix is your home for faith and family-friendly movies and shows where you can confidently stream with the entire family. With new premium and exclusive original entertainment choices every week, you can strengthen your faith and family with Pure Flix – a streaming service that inspires, uplifts and entertains.

You’ll get access to the largest variety of high-quality wholesome movies, series and kids’ content at one low price. Experience the difference that positive, encouraging entertainment can have in your home.

Pure Flix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

And, here’s the series trailer so you can see a bit more!

*Note: There are some spoilers in the trailer.

…and giveaway!

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Enjoy! –Wren


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Watch “Heaven Sent” on Pure Flix now! (plus review and GA)

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Hi everyone! I’m very excited to share a sweet family film with you from Pure Flix that will speak to every generation. Heaven Sent is a movie that teens, parents, and grandparents will relate to and enjoy. Keep reading for more info; plus you can enter to win a 3-month subscription to Pure Flix streaming service!

About Heaven Sent

Here’s what Pure Flix has to say about Heaven Sent:

Elise, a grandmother hurt by her past, and Patrick, a widowed pastor, have closed the door on love. But with faith and a little help from technology, will their live-streamed romance find a way?

“Heaven Sent”

Elise has a sort of famous past…that she’s closed the door on. In fact, she’s locked the door and thrown away the key. And she’s also closed the door on relationships (dating, that is). She’s been raising her beloved grandson, Derek, and running her darling accessories store, Moxie. Until an odd man runs into her store, and he’s…hiding?

But it’s time for things to change. Derek is 19. His video streaming site hardly has any visitors; and he feels that that describes his social relationships as well.

Speed dating. Online relationships. And…stealth streaming?

Check out the cast members of Heaven Sent

Cast List


Jemarcus Kilgore, Derek, (DISCARDED THINGS, Black Lightning)

J. Leon Pridgen II, Patrick Briggs/Ellerman, (DISCARDED THINGS, P-Valley, TRINITY GOODHEART)

Charlene Tilton, Pam, (Dallas)

Michael J Patterson, Kenny

Maurie Moore, Corrine

Elizabeth Byland, Theresa

Gary Dourdan, Jeff, (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)

My thoughts about Heaven Sent

You probably remember the fabulous Karen Abercrombie from War Room, where she played an amazing woman of prayer. Karen is not only an actor; she’s also a writer (who co-wrote Heaven Sent with Tara Lynn Marcelle) and an executive producer. I really like what she, her fellow actors, and the film staff did with Heaven Sent.

The storyline focuses on a grandmother and her grandson–and on how very, in many ways, limited their lives are, regarding their relationships. Elise has a dear friend, Pam; her grandson, Derek; and the customers visiting her shop, Moxie. (And she doesn’t know many of them.) Derek has his grandmother, some friends, and an online female friend…whom he doesn’t really know, and hasn’t seen. Oh, and he has a video streaming site but hardly any visitors.

So in many ways, they’re both isolated. They love each other, of course; but both of them need more.

And then, there’s Patrick, the widowed pastor of a local church. His relationships center around the church and counseling his parishioners. When Elise and Patrick get thrown together in the most interesting of ways, lives are about to change. And Derek? He has a very extraordinary idea for getting more viewers and subscribers. And it’s not illegal, or maybe unethical (exactly)–but oh my! Look out!

Love is patient, love is kind.It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. –

1 Corinthians 12:4-7 (The Bible, NIV)

Heaven Sent is, at its core, the story of how we are all, really, trying our best to navigate life and relationships. There are differences, of course, from generation to generation, in the ways we approach those. And we totally mess up…and then try to pick up the pieces. Our actions and words impact others, and indirectly, ourselves; our relationships with God, too. But in His goodness, even when we’ve pushed Jesus aside, He really is there waiting to be invited back in, eager to embrace us and help us.

At its heart, Heaven Sent feels very all-embracing. It will give you a window into the lives of those who are older, younger, or even the same age as you are! We’re all looking for love, in one way or another. Here’s a beautiful film that talks not only about the love we have for each other–but that our good God has for us. And about how lives can change and grow in the most unexpected ways.

Watch the Heaven Sent trailer here!

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Pure Flix

Also, check out these great articles about this film, faith, and love

Karen Abercrombie on the Message of her new Pure Flix Original Move, Heaven Sent

10 Must-Watch Movies About Love, Romance, and Hope

10 Powerful Lessons About Love from 1 Corinthians 13: Love Is Patient

Enjoy! –Wren

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The NET TEXT Bible: just the thing for a new year’s Bible reading–or a new believer (closed)

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I’ve got an amazing Bible to tell you all about today! Momentum Influencer Network provided a hardcover copy of The TEXT Bible (NET) to me. It’s the most inviting, engaging Bible–perfect for starting out a new year and connecting to God in a new and beautiful way. Here’s the beautiful subtitle, which will engage you even more: “Uncover the Message Between God, Humanity, and You.” Let me tell you more–plus, there’s a giveaway for you to enter!

About The TEXT Bible

The TEXT Bible was designed for readers to really learn to SEE God. And to HEAR Him, and to KNOW Him and love Him more. Michael and Hayley DiMarco designed the additions to the Bible (it’s the New English Translation–NET) to help readers really engage with God. They’ve written these moments of engagement with new believers, students, and young adults in mind. (But really, any person who’d like to engage with God in a new and cherished way will find this Bible amazing.) The idea is as if you could send God a text–and He would answer!

The DiMarcos have developed a new, easy-to-understand study method, described by the word TEXT:

  • Talk to God
  • Encounter God and humanity in Scripture
  • eXamine your heart
  • Talk to others—to help readers of every experience level interact with God’s message

Then, Michael and Hayley have included tons of extras in this Bible. They are amazing! These include: The Big Q of the TEXT (God’s answers to life’s big questions); “Who Is God?” (almost 100 devotions on God’s person or character); learning to pray God’s Word; meeting the people and events of the Bible; following the threads (the big topics of Scripture) across the Bible; and definitions of words and literary categories. These are all designed to work alongside the TEXT study process.

My impressions of The TEXT Bible

I love this Bible! It is full of so many outstanding helps and engaging activities. And they’re all just what we need, as humans who are desiring to approach God and dwell in His love and His presence. The TEXT process itself (Talk to God, Encounter God and humanity in Scripture, eXamine your heart, Talk to others) is a tool which can help anyone who might find the Bible intimidating, or who wouldn’t know how to start with God’s Word. (Or where to start!) It is a fantastic set of habits that we can use to create regular and rich times with God, and an understanding of the Bible, and build on the knowledge of God’s interactions over time with humans–and how He might wish to interact with us.

Yes, this Bible is a tool that will bless and engage new believers and young ones. But, it will also enable seasoned or older believers as well, by providing a beautiful and fresh process they can use to encounter God. As my dear friend loves to say,

The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of our God endures forever.”

Isaiah 40:8, The Bible (NIV)

And so this wonderful Bible enables us to engage not only with the everlasting, never-ending Word of God–but with God Himself. What an outcome!

Some of my favorite moments from this Bible

Here are some wonderful moments that have meant so much to me.

  • I LOVE the Praying the Scriptures sidebars! They combine elements of Scriptures (in this one, Psalms 46, 18, 125, 50, and more) to help the reader begin a conversation with God. We pray God’s words in conversation back to Him. And His Word is solidified in our hearts and minds as we connect with Him.
  • Did you know that Jesus is pointed to, or referenced, in every book in the Bible? Yes, even Genesis, and the rest of the Old Testament, all the way into the New. In The TEXT Bible, every book begins with how you can see and find Jesus in that particular book. It is so cool! It almost creates a treasure hunt for God.

  • The end of the Bible has a great concordance, a hashtags list (it’s very neat), and maps. But it also has a great spiritual gifts chart, several Bible reading plans (whether you’re looking for one about Jesus, the major books of the Bible, or reading the whole Bible). Plus fascinating charts explaining the New Covenant, spiritual wisdom vs. worldly wisdom, and prophecies fulfilled about Jesus. And last but not least, the topic list and location of the Praying the Scriptures prayers!

  • I love that The TEXT Bible‘s resources use Scripture to interpret Scripture. So many of the TEXT moments in this Bible include references to numerous Bible verses that reference the ideas or doctrines that are being discussed–letting the Bible speak on its own topics. So important, and incredibly so for newbies who are just learning the ways of faith.
  • What I love the most about The TEXT Bible is that it’s really designed to help its readers know God better, to understand His Word, and to draw close to Him. It’s a wonderful goal–and one I believe this Bible accomplishes, over and over and page by page.

About the authors

Michael and Hayley DiMarco are the bestselling and award-winning authors of more than 40 books including Own It, God Guy, God Girl, and A Woman Overwhelmed. Michael and Hayley have now served as general editors on three Bible projects. Together, they work side-by-side at Hungry Planet, a company they founded that creates winsome and spiritually based content for teens and
adults. They live in Eugene, Oregon, where Michael serves as a pastor.

Where you can purchase The TEXT Bible–plus a discount!

Learn more about The TEXT Bible (NET) at this website.

You can get 50% off your copy of The NET TEXT Bible if you order before Valentine’s Day! Just click on the purchase link here for the discount (before February 14, 2023, remember!).

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Enjoy! –Wren


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Lifeway Women’s Bible (CSB) (GA CLOSED)

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Hi dear ones!

I have got the most beautiful Bible to tell you about today. It’s the Lifeway Women’s Bible, and it’s full of questions, articles, ideas, and study helps (and journaling space!) alongside its Scripture pages. I received a copy of this Bible from Momentum Influencer Network. Let me tell you more about it, plus you can enter to win a copy for yourself!

About the Lifeway Women’s Bible

This absolutely gorgeous Bible is just a joy to use. I received the Marigold Leathertouch version of the Lifeway Women’s Bible. It’s housed in a sturdy covered board slipcase. The Bible also comes in other versions, both hard- and soft-covered (Butterscotch Genuine Leather, Camel Cloth-Over-Board, Gray/Mint Leathertouch). The Bible is designed to be perfect for laying flat on a table or open in the reader’s lap. But, there’s so much more beauty inside!

The Lifeway Women’s Bible is a study Bible, a journaling Bible, and a devotional Bible all in one. Wide margins on each page invite you to write your thoughts and what you’re learning as you read. Amazing women who are exceptional Bible teachers offer deeper study moments throughout each book of the Bible (like what it means to be “Set Free from Sin,” by Priscilla Shirer, or Kelly D. King’s character profile on Abigail; “Bowing Down to False Gods,” by Kelly Minter, or the essay and questions designed for reflection on 1 Corinthians 10, by Whitney Capps). Book introductions profile the author, date, “big picture,” summary, key verses, and fascinating timelines of the book’s era and cultural events. There are study lists with verse references, like the Prophecies of Jesus’s Second Coming. And, if that weren’t enough, there’s a plethora of helpful material at the end of the Bible, with reading plans of different lengths (90-day, 1-year, 3-year), a great concordance, and colorful maps.

This is a Bible that you could use for exceptional devotional reading times or even deeper study (whether word study, character study, or just book study). It’s incredibly rich and full of the things a woman needs and wants for her own Bible reading.

My thoughts and experiences with this Bible

I love so much about this Bible! It is so full of study material and ideas I’ve never thought of investigating myself (like the prophecies I mentioned above, of Jesus’s second coming). And each one of these moves me to deeper consideration of the verses or chapters I’m reading; to really engaging myself with what is happening in the story. (As a matter of fact, I was struck as I was reading this Bible recently of what Nebuchadnezzar’s utter destruction of Jerusalem could have looked like, and what the Babylonian soldiers were doing; and what the Jewish people saw and suffered.)

I also love each Bible book’s introduction, which centers the reader squarely in the moment of history when it occurred (those timelines are incredible!), and clearly states its key verses. Those help me in a new and fresh way to prepare my heart for reading and my mind to notice what God is doing there.

Word studies have long been a treasured part of my most-valued Bible study tools. They are so rich in providing us, as people who don’t (probably) speak the original language, with more of what those words in the text meant to the original reader. There are over 25 word studies scattered among the books of this Bible, and I believe that they’ll be as rich for the reader as they have been for me.

I also appreciate how, in this Bible, the way believing women’s voices can speak (in the essays, articles, etc.) to women who want to hear, know, and experience God themselves. We as women make up an enormous part of the Body of Christ. Not greater than male believers, but not less than, either. We are fellow Christians and fellow workers in the kingdom, saved by grace and faith in Jesus. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, employees; single and married, old and young–with all the rich experiences life gives us in these arenas. What a joy to have the fantastic women teachers in this Bible to come alongside us with the Word of Life; understanding us as their audience in their devotionals, essays, and journaling helps. What a gift!

My favorite parts

How to you select a few favorites from a Bible that is so overflowing with the wealth of wisdom, encouragement, and discipleship? It’s hard! But I’m going to share just a few with you here:

  • Jeremiah 31 has long been a favorite of mine, where God says that He is going to “put my teaching within them and write it on their hearts. I will be their God and they will be my people.” (v. 33) Gloria Furman’s words on that encourage me so mightily: “God is going to write His law straight onto human hearts. That is amazing! Every single person who is included in the people of God will truly know Him.” (p. 1140)
  • Years ago, when I’d survived a horrible car wreck, God brought my attention to Psalm 103 while I was recovering in the rehab hospital. “My soul, bless the LORD, and do not forget all His benefits. He forgives all your iniquity; he heals all your diseases. He redeems your life from the Pit; he crowns you with faithful love and compassion. He satisfies you with good things; your youth is renewed like the eagle.” (vv. 2-5) Those verses still move and bless me! In Angela Thomas Pharr’s closer look at that Psalm, she says, “Only God could bring a woman up from the pit, and then give her a crown…The crown is a symbol of redemption. In Psalm 103, the pit is exchanged for a crown.” We’re all rescued from some kind of pit, though, aren’t we? God’s gift of salvation even saves us from the ultimate pit.
  • 2 Timothy will never not be one of my favorite Bible books. It’s Paul’s last letter to his beloved “son,” Timothy, who’s then pastoring a church himself. Humanity, the walk of faith, encouragement; it’s full of things Timothy needed but that we also need. In Ravin McKelvy’s accompanying character profile of Lois and Eunice (Timothy’s granny and mom), we see the value of discipling and passing on the faith to our children, whether they’re our own or little ones we teach or coach. Those women made a remarkable impact on Timothy’s life; one that Paul noticed and commended. What an encouragement!

This Bible is a Bible that you’ll treasure, that you’ll use for years and years. It speaks to us as women, as children of God, as followers of Christ; and as dearly-loved ones. Just what each and every one of us needs!

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Enjoy! –Wren

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“It’s Christmas Again” ~ releasing tomorrow, 11/29, in theaters! (plus an Amazon GC giveaway, CLOSED)

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Are you looking for a fantastic new Christmas movie? Then I’d recommend you check out the newest Fathom Events film, “It’s Christmas Again.” I was able to watch this wonderful movie courtesy of Momentum Influencer Network. It was such a joyful, moving, and cheerful experience–and you can see it in theaters for one day only, November 29, 2022! Keep reading for my thoughts on “It’s Christmas Again,” where you can get tickets, plus a giveaway!

About “It’s Christmas Again”

A Magical Musical Adventure Through Time coming to theaters November 29 FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Here’s the synopsis from the filmmakers:

Jake Young (Lawson Touliatos) wants nothing more than to spend his Christmas vacation with his girlfriend, Abbey Walker (Leela Owen). So when Abbey volunteers for her church’s Christmas play, Jake is ready to skip Christmas this year until an unexpected turn of events lands him in a field outside Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born. While on his journey with the shepherds to find the promised Messiah, Jake discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Coming this Christmas season, IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN is a modern-day musical the whole family will love!

My thoughts about this movie


I LOVE musicals. I love group choreographed dancing. (I even go to YouTube and watch movie dance sequences when I feel a little low. You can find awesome mashups!) And in “It’s Christmas Again”? The movie has now joined my list of favorites for the those two things alone. The music is cheerful and upbeat while still communicating a meaningful message. And the dancing (not to mention the backflips)–incredible.

But. This is not a movie about the entertainment world. Instead, it asks the question: What if Christmas, and Jesus’ birth, weren’t celebrated and recognized? Protagonist Jake isn’t that excited about Christmas. In fact, he is bummed because his girlfriend Abbey isn’t able to go skiing with him on Christmas. Instead, she’s going to play Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the church’s nativity play. Jake thinks it’s a useless idea, and heads off to a friend’s party. At least he *thinks* that’s where he’s going…until an accident sends him back to the fields with the shepherds. Just after the heavenly host appeared to them, and told them:

“Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Luke 2:10b-22, The Bible (NASB)

So. What if, a young man who couldn’t care less about the true meaning of Christmas gets transported back in time…to see the first Christmas? Romans. Shepherds. Jews, oppressed by Caesar and his minions. And a young father, a teen mother, and that Baby.

That’s got to make an impression. And on Jacob, it does. But is it too late for him to make a difference in his present-day life?

So–this beautiful movie, with incredible singing and dancing, tells a life-changing, faith-creating story. It is a joy to watch. It will touch your heart, and bring meaning to your own family’s faith traditions, Advent, and most of all, Christmas.

Get some tickets. Take yourself and your family to the movie and see “It’s Christmas Again” on November 29. It will bless you!

And, I’ve got some fun trailers/shorts for you to see!

First, the movie trailer:

And a short from writer and director Sandra Martin:

Where you can buy tickets for “It’s Christmas Again” for its one-night-only showing, November 29, 2022!

This Fathom Events film is going to be in theaters for one night only: Tuesday, November 29, 2022. You can get your tickets now at the link below!

Purchase tickets here for “It’s Christmas Again”

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Enjoy! –Wren


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Celebrate the season with Pure Flix: “Silver Bells” (review & giveaway, CLOSED)

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I’m so excited to share another Pure Flix film with you, which is part of their Christmas lineup of family- and faith-centered films (190 of them to choose from!) for you to enjoy as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. (I will also have a 3-month Pure Flix subscription to give away to one reader!) I was gifted the opportunity to watch the Pure Flix film “Silver Bells,” about a sportscaster dad whose heart is given more to his games coverage and film time—than it is to his family. Until, that is, he becomes “that” dad during his son’s basketball game.

About “Silver Bells”

“I’m Bruce Dalt. Action 8 Sports. For the win!”

Bruce Dalt (played by Bruce Boxleitner) is bigger than life. He’s jovial, fun, and knows everything about sports. But–he’s driven. Can’t bear to lose. Vetoes his wife’s plan for silver Christmas lights because the Dalt family always “goes for the win!” –Which means gold. Little by little, we see the other side of Bruce. He does love his family–but there’s something inside him that can’t give up first place. So, there’s rudeness. Selfishness. Choosing work over family celebration and togetherness. (Painfully unaware of his effects on others.) He’s pretty sure that he knows more than anyone else in the room.

His actions at his son’s basketball game have swift and serious consequences…that finally, eventually, give Bruce an opportunity to become a different man.

“You never know WHAT God has in mind.”

Major Lowell of the Salvation Army, played by Antonio Fargas, in “Silver Bells”

(He also gets this fantastic line: “I didn’t say we were robbing a bank!”)

Because of Bruce’s choices, he’s required to do a couple of things; restitution, to the ref. And many hours of community service, with the Salvation Army. (And if there’s anything we know about Bruce? Service is not his thing.)

My thoughts about “Silver Bells”

Well! Welcome to my new favorite Christmas movie!

Our family loves sports movies, so this one was both an easy viewing choice and one that provided lovely moments of faith, redemption, and family. (Eventually. Because Bruce has a hard road to head down first.) Actor Bruce Boxleitner is fantastic as the dad (and his interactions with Kevin Downes, the referee, are priceless. After their *first* interaction, which is more on the cringey and painful side). Before his costly mistake, you really can see that there’s a diamond in the rough in him. It’s just going to take a lot of sanding to get to that diamond.

It’s very much a sort of modern “A Christmas Carol” film (without the ghosts). But Bruce’s journey isn’t an overnight, immediate character transformation. His is gradual. Painstaking. (And at times, painful.) I loved that, though, because it made the story feel so real. I don’t want to give too much away, because it’s an utter joy to watch without knowing what’s going to happen. I will tell you that the story arc (and the character arc too!) is fantastic. There is humor (yes! I laughed out loud!). And heartwarming faith–love–and change.

It is wonderful! And beautiful. And it’s a film you can watch safely with your entire family. Don’t miss “Silver Bells” on Pure Flix!

“That’s not the way it should be among you. Instead, whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant…That’s the way it is with the Son of Man. He did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many…”

Matthew 20:26-28, The Bible (ISV)

Watch the “Silver Bells” trailer here!

Check out the Christmas film offerings on Pure Flix!

With 190 Christmas film titles, you won’t run out of wholesome, faith-centered family viewing goodness this season. 45 of these are brand-new on Pure Flix in 2022! In addition, there are 11 Pure Flix Originals (6 of them new in 2022) and 3 new exclusives. You’ll find amazing series and movies like:

  • “The Way,” with Kathie Lee Gifford
  • “Lifemark,” with Kirk Cameron and a fantastic cast, which celebrates adoption and life
  • Original Pure Flix series “Legacy Peak” and “Saved by Grace,” which feature family, answered prayers, and visits from angels
  • “Thursday Night Club,” with friends and community helping a young woman who’s suffered enormous loss
  • And so much more. And of course, “Silver Bells”!

You can see more of what’s available by clicking on this Pure Flix link.

Subscribe to Pure Flix today!

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You can also check out these great posts on the Pure Flix blog

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6 Tips to Keep Christ in Christmas

5 Christmas Bible Verses and Stories to Reflect on This Season

Enjoy! –Wren


Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

The Abide Bible (NET) ~ let creativity bless your quiet times (a review & giveaway, CLOSED)

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I’m blessed to get to share my favorite Bible with you today–and, you’ll also have a chance to win your own copy! Momentum Influencer Network provided a boxed copy of the gorgeous Abide Bible (NET) for me. It is the most beautiful way to engage with Scripture. Let me share my thoughts, and keep an eye out for the giveaway!

About the Abide Bible

The Abide Bible was created by Bible Gateway and Taylor University’s Center for Scriptural Engagement to enable readers to draw closer to God, via 5 creative practices: Praying Scripture; Picture It (imagine yourself a bystander to Bible passages); Journaling; Engage Through Art; Contemplate (read, meditate on, pray, and contemplate Bible passages). These practices are detailed throughout each Bible book and keyed to verse segments, with easy-to-follow directions.

The Abide Bible is available in the New English Translation, which is very readable. This cover is the Leathersoft Stone version. The binding allows the Bible to lay open and stay open for reading or study. There are two satin ribbon bookmarks and golden edging on the pages. Each Bible book has a wonderful introduction that includes the historical and literary context (detailing the book’s key verses), as well as defining what the reader can do for heart preparation before reading. There’s also a 365-day Bible reading plan.

From the publisher:

“Transform your personal Bible devotions into intimate, ongoing conversations with God with various Scripture engagement approaches that keep Bible reading fresh and new…”

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

John 15:4, The Holy Bible (NIV)

“…Do you yearn for life-giving, intimate communion with God? The Abide Bible is designed to help you experience the peace, hope, and growth that comes from encountering the voice and presence of God in Scripture. Every feature in Abide is designed to teach and develop Scripture-engagement habits that help you know the power and spiritual nourishment of abiding in Christ.”

My experiences with Abide

Have you ever had the experience when you were given the perfect gift–except it was one you didn’t know you needed or wanted?

That has been the Abide Bible for me. It is TRULY my favorite. I love how works of paintings, sculpture, and photography are placed alongside Bible verses that they give some illustration to.

For example, the painting above, “Landscape with a Sunlit Stream,” is paired with Jeremiah 17:7-8, which talks about how the Lord blesses those who trust in Him. These verses tells readers how He will make them like a tree planted near a stream, with roots spread toward the water, which never has to fear in time of drought and will never stop bearing fruit. The “Engage Through Art” in the footer below the verses gives a description of the painting itself, then what the painter hoped to accomplish through his art and style. Then, it gives some gentle direction for the Bible reader on the verses. The result for me is a wonderful meditative experience. This use of art alongside Scripture provided a brand-new way for me to think on and absorb the Bible.

Another creative practice I enjoy in the Abide Bible is the Journaling exercise, which offers readers a Bible passage, then questions for reflection and writing. These are not surface-level questions or ideas, yet they’re ones that Bible readers both experienced and new will be able to take in.

I enjoy the Praying Scripture portions as well. I love praying Bible verses already and have really enjoyed how the Abide Bible expands this practice for me. These exercises tell us a little more about the Bible books and verses, plus more about what the God-inspired writers were facing in their cultures and times. All of these provide more insight and depth for my prayer times and my God experiences and connections. And the Contemplate exercises, which have as a practice faithfully stood the test of time for believers, can help those who don’t feel that they understand how to utilize meditation as a Christian exercise. Last but not least, the Picture It portions allow us as believers to think upon and to imagine what it might have been like to be an eyewitness to the events recorded in Scripture. All of these together can help us all, in our busy, schedule-driven lives, to stop and actually, intentionally, *be* with the Lord.

I need that, so deeply. What about you?

The Abide Experience: 21 Days in John (free!)

You can also sign up for a free devotional video series featuring the general editor of the Abide Bible, Dr. Phil Collins. When you sign up, you’ll receive daily video devotions via email. You’ll also be able to download free the Abide Bible’s book of John for the study! These will be centered around the five methods of Scripture engagement utilized in this Bible.

The Abide Experience: 21 Days in John

Enter to win the Abide Bible

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Enjoy! –Wren


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“Saved by Grace” ~ a Pure Flix Original Film (& you can win!)

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Pure Flix Original Film’s latest contribution is a moving series called Saved By Grace. I received a screener copy of this new series to watch, and I’m excited to share my opinions with you. Plus, you can enter to win a Pure Flix streaming service membership!

About Saved By Grace

Here’s what Pure Flix says: “…watch the new Pure Flix Original series “Saved by Grace” that starts streaming November 6. New episodes drop every Sunday! Here’s the synopsis: There are no chance meetings or coincidences in life. Angels are amongst us and God has sent them on a mission to intercede on behalf of whispered prayers. Every encounter presents a new opportunity to change your approach to life.

This fun, faith- and love-filled series deals with real-life issues humans face every day. Angels Grace and Jeremiah get to be God’s answers to His children’s answered prayers–in ways that not only make a difference but will encourage and bless viewers.

From Cameron Arnett, who plays the angel Jeremiah: “Angels are still relevant today – they walk amongst us and are here to serve us and to bring about God’s intent in our daily lives.”

And from Jennifer Taylor, who plays the eponymous angel Grace: “All the situations highlight current problems, but at the core, they are heart issues we’ve been dealing with since the fall, and I hope viewers realize they aren’t alone in those struggles.”

New episodes air on Pure Flix every Sunday, just in time for family viewing as the work week begins.

Watch the Saved By Grace trailer here:

My thoughts

Oh my heart!

Don’t we all need to be reminded on the regular that our Father God loves and adores us–and is working for our good? I know that I do! Really, just watching the news most days is enough to put us into spirals of fear and worry. And if it’s not current events doing their best to freak us out, it’s the challenges we face daily as employees, friends, parents, spouses, sisters, or moms. (Or dads.) Life is rough more often than we’d like.

And yet.

Pure Flix’s newest Original, Saved By Grace, is a wonderful reminder not only that God sees His children in the midst of all their troubles, but also that His ear is ever poised to hear their cries for help, and their prayers. In Saved By Grace, God sends angels Grace and Jeremiah to help those who’ve asked for His provision, His help, His intervention. The series’ moments range from humorous, to heart-wrenching, to moving. And not least of all, the moments encourage us and can even help to build our faith.

I just delighted in the warmth and kindness that the angels, and even the show itself, are determined to extend to those that they help and even us on the other side of the screen, as the viewers. I was reminded and reassured about God’s love for me and for everyone, really; that His presence and His answers are just a breath away. And maybe they’ll even come in the form of angels!

Do watch this show. Start with episode 1. And settle in for a fun, loving, and encouraging show, peopled by wonderful actors who make the characters (and their experiences) seem very real. What a blessing!

Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!

Hebrews 13:2, The Bible (NLT)

Meet stars Jennifer Taylor & Cameron Arnett in this interview with Momentum’s Jean Thomason

The wonderful Jean Thomason from Momentum Influencer Network had a wonderful opportunity to interview the stars of the Saved By Grace series, Cameron Arnett and Jennifer Taylor, who play the angels (Grace and Jeremiah).

This is the most beautiful and encouraging interview! It will remind you of God’s huge love for you, and His constant work in our lives. It is SUCH a neat interview.

How to subscribe to Pure Flix…

You can subscribe to Pure Flix, where you’ll be able to stream thousands of family-engaging films, video series, cartoons, and classic tv shows. You can check out Saved By Grace and also subscribe by clicking the button below. Subscriptions are very reasonably priced, and you can subscribe for a month or for an entire year!

You can also try out Pure Flix absolutely free of charge for a week’s trial. You’ll see a button to check that out when you click the link below.

Pure Flix & Saved By Grace

And, how to enter to win your own subscription!

Simply click on the link below that says, “Enter here!” That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes on 11/18/22. One winner will be selected to win. US entries only; open to ages 18 and older. Limited only to those who have NOT won a Pure Flix subscription in the last 6 months. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Last, here’s a wonderful Pure Flix blog post related to this new show…

“How to Ask God for Forgiveness,” on the Pure Flix blog, talks about forgiveness as one of the key themes in the first two Saved By Grace episodes. Do you ever wonder how to forgive? Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s hard; but it’s definitely something God asks us to do. Of course He set the most phenomenal example of forgiveness ever, in letting His own son Jesus die on the cross to pay the price for our sins.

Just click on the highlighted link to learn more about how we can ask God to forgive us–and more about how we can forgive others.

Enjoy! –Wren


Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

“My Jesus” ~ a review of singer Anne Wilson’s lovely new book (& giveaway, CLOSED)

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Have you had the chance to listen to singer Anne Wilson’s song, My Jesus, yet? The #1 Christian song of 2021, it encapsulates the story of the Wilson family’s loss of Anne’s eldest brother, Jacob–and how, despite that unbearable loss, Anne’s Jesus was there, and showed Himself in a multitude of ways to the Wilsons. In Anne’s new book of the same name, the singer/songwriter shares the story of her family, their loss, and the ways He moved in healing and their lives. My Jesus: From Heartache to Hope is a remarkable and moving book, and Momentum Influencer Network provided a copy for me–plus a copy for one reader to win. Keep reading for more on the book and how you can win an advanced reader copy for yourself.

About My Jesus:

My Jesus is Anne Wilson’s story of life, joy, and tragedy–and how a good God’s love and care was beside her all the way.

Anne and her family lost Jacob Wilson, Anne’s brother, in a car accident when he was only 25. Grief, shock, and anguish overwhelmed them all, and they began the walk that no one wants through the valley of the shadow of death. In My Jesus, Anne shares her story; not only what happened, but the ways God worked for her family in healing and moving them all into new callings and new seasons. It is a remarkable and intimate memoir, of a young woman who’d experienced inexplicable pain and loss…but also of how God brought her hope, new life, and grace.

“Whatever you are feeling, God can handle it—all of it. The tears, screams, and questions. God invites you to let Him tend to your heart.”

–Anne Wilson

It’s also a book which will come alongside those who are suffering, who need God’s comfort at their deepest point of pain. Anne understands that, and she freely and openly shares her own walk of grief, and how God met her, spoke to her, and ministered to her; and in so doing, ministered to those who heard her and listened to her music.

My impressions

Pain is not my favorite.

In fact, I’ve spent many years of my life boxing it up and tucking it away in my heart. Sometimes, I’ve felt like I didn’t have time to grieve, or I had to care for others in their grief. But I think that the bottom line is that I likely didn’t ever learn *how* to grieve. That it’s okay to have big emotions (God didn’t make us robots, after all; He made us human) and even to let those out. And that boxing up that pain just leaves it for later…and in that process, it can even make us harden our hearts.

Recently, however, I’ve learned more about that. That it’s okay to *feel* those big and overwhelming emotions. To sit in them. And, that that is part of the process of moving through grief.

How wonderful, therefore, it has been to read Anne Wilson’s moving, lovingly-written My Jesus. She knows about grief; overwhelming, horrible, terrible grief. And while she (and we) would never have wished the events upon her that placed her in the valley of the shadow, we can learn about God’s goodness, healing, and intimate presence by reading about the ways she walked through it, and how God met her there.

Cast all your care upon Him, because He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7 MEV

Anne openly and honestly shares about her loss, and her experience (and her family’s) walking out the years after Jacob’s accident and death. I find it incredibly remarkable that at such a young age, she opened herself to God’s presence, and His hand moving her through the days and months after that loss. She learned SO much about how to walk through suffering; and she shares that with her readers, and also how we can see God’s movements and calls to us in those times. Really, her entire ministry seems to be about worshiping God and telling the truth about His goodness in the midst of pain–and how He is there with us in the valleys.

Sometimes I think as Christian women, or as parents, we feel that we have to hold ourselves together, to be positive. For me, that has too often caused me to box up and shove down my pain. Unfortunately I found that the boxed-up pain never goes away…and it’s going to make itself known somehow. Isn’t it a comfort to be reminded God made all of us, emotions included? I love Anne’s recounting of her journey, her humanity; and that God could handle everything that she was going through. Not only that, He WANTED to help her with it.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough to you. You will be blessed and helped by Anne’s story–and by the goodness of the God who authored it.

My favorite moments from the book

As you can see in the photo above, I tabbed a LOT of pages that spoke to my heart in a special way. Here are a few of them that might speak to you as well!

  • “But more real than the Enemy’s whispered lies is the reality that God draws near to our shattered hearts. In His goodness, He enters our pain…At the worst moment of my life, God spoke to me and asked me to trust Him; He promised to help me through it. He did not turn His back on me. He came in even closer.” (p. 52)
  • “Here is what I learned: When the pain, memories, and what-ifs overwhelm you, surrender them to God. Take every thought captive to the truth (2 Corinthians 10:5). Give God what you yourself cannot bear…The way out is not through your own strength, but through surrendering to God and allowing Him to lift you out.” (p. 121)
  • “When a longing for Jacob was triggered, I no longer distracted myself from the pain. I let myself sit in it. I let myself feel it…I trusted God in other areas of my life, and I could trust Him with my painful emotions.” (p. 183)

Where you can buy My Jesus

Just click on the “Buy Link” below. That will take you to the Amazon page where you can purchase the My Jesus book.

Buy Link

And…how you can enter to win a copy!

You can enter to win an advanced reader copy (galley) of Anne Wilson’s book, My Jesus. To enter, just click on the link below that says, “Enter here!” That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes on 11/8/22. One winner will be selected to win. US only.

Enter here!

Bless you! –Wren


Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Books for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.