Free family/parenting devo on YouVersion app from ANM

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I’ve shared with you about ANM (Advancing Native Missions) materials and products before. Now, I have a fantastic devotional app for families from FrontGate Media and ANM to share with you. It’s available, free, on the YouVersion Bible app. Let me tell you more!

“Leading Your Child on Mission” Bible devotional

FrontGate Media and Advancing Native Missions have worked together to produce this lovely devotional which helps parents teach their children about God and His amazing love for people of every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. It’s available free on the YouVersion Bible app (or via the YouVersion website). It could actually be used as a simply, great-for-all-ages Bible study (that means little ones, too!).

For 5 days, parents and kids can read the devotionals together, then read the Bible verses together. The devotionals are wonderful, user-friendly guides and encouragements for helping parents teach their kids about missions, and what God says about sharing the good news. They include inspiring words, tips and ideas, and thoughts that will help parents take that next step in discipling and training their own kids in spiritual matters.

The verses (about 2-4 per day) are, just like the devotionals, right there in the app or web page. There are many Bible versions that parents can select and also tons of languages to select from (which means it’s perfect for families all over the globe).

There’s some old wisdom that goes something like this: “Find out what God is doing, and join Him.”

“Leading Your Child on Mission,” Day 5

My thoughts about “Leading Your Child on Mission”

I have to admit that this devotional/Bible study hits me right in the “sweet spot!” I love materials that equip us to teach our children about God, His call, and the Bible, as well as how we can share the gospel both here at home and across the world. ANM’s “Leading Your Child on Mission” makes it so easy for parents to teach their kids about how to share God’s love with others. It is simple to follow and to share with little ones–or even older kids. Plus, I love the Scriptures and devotionals. Here are a couple of my favorite moments from this study:

  • “For who has despised the day of small things? But these seven eyes of the Lord, which scan the whole earth, will rejoice…” (Zechariah 4:10, Day 2)
  • “There’s some old wisdom that goes something like this: “Find out what God is doing, and join Him.”” (Day 5)
  • “…After all, Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these [little children].” (Day 3)

God loves us all so much. How wonderful if we can communicate that with our children, pass on what we are learning and have learned, and share that love with those God has placed in our lives!

Wonderful devotional. Wonderful help for parents!

Get the “Leading Your Child on Mission” app here

You can access both the website and download the app by clicking on the website below.

“Leading Your Child on Mission” YouVersion app

About Advancing Native Missions (ANM)

You have hope to share. We’re here to help you share it.

Since 1992 ANM has helped individual Christians and local churches get involved in global missions in ways that make sense for them. Because we believe there’s a place for everyone in God’s global mission, even if you can’t travel to distant countries and remote tribes. 

Enjoy! –Wren

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Timely (& free) kids’ coloring book from ANM: “A Home for Artyom”

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Recently, I had the opportunity to check out some wonderful family/kid products from ANM (Advancing Native Missions). This is from their ANM Kids on Mission division. Let me tell you more (and keep your eyes out for an awesome free family devotional in my next post)!

About ANM’s Kids on Mission Coloring Book

Like me, perhaps you and your loved ones have been praying for the people of Ukraine lately. Because the Ukrainians have been so deeply on my own heart and in my prayers, I was very excited to be able to tell you about this coloring book for kids that is based on a true story about a real person!

Created by ANM, the coloring book “A Home for Artyom” tells the true story of a child from Ukraine who gets to learn about Jesus, and the love that He has for everyone! Artyom is a boy who lives in an orphanage in Ukraine. When he is transferred to a new orphanage, he feels self-conscious and embarrassed because of the red bumps that break out on on his skin. He is lonely and ashamed of this, and he withdraws from the other kids.

One day, a man named Alex comes to the orphanage and tells the children about God’s love for them, and about God’s Son, Jesus. The children even learn that Jesus would never, ever leave them! Alex continued to come and share. But he also learned that when the kids turned 16, they would “age out” of the orphanage.

Before the coloring book is over, Artyom and the other kids will hear more about Jesus, visit families in their homes, attend summer camp and move to Light Houses (started by Alex) where they can learn more about Jesus, pursue higher education, and prepare for their own futures. Artyom will even join God’s family by believing in Jesus as his Savior! (Kids will even get to learn more about Artyom’s future!)

My thoughts about “A Home for Artyom”

I loved the story and pictures, which are told in language that even smaller kids will understand. The story focuses a lot on Artyom’s feelings and situation; but it also shows how one man, who’d experienced the loss of his parent, understood how kids without parents can feel. Because of that, Alex devoted his life and time to share the gospel with children in orphanages; and then, to provide a way for the aged-out teens to pursue education, adoption, and Jesus.

Although this coloring book/storybook is written for children, it has some significant truths in it about kids who live in orphanages. And how they, just like all of us, need to know that they are LOVED. It was a sweet and precious way to help our own children learn about kids in other nations; and a beautiful way that parents can engage with kids in coloring and then, to pray. It’s a gentle introduction as well to one way that missions can happen.

The coloring book is easy to print at home (although you could also print it at an office supply store). The front and back cover print in color and all the other pages are black & white coloring pages. After printing, I stapled ours with 3 staples on the left side (so that it could open like a book) and then covered the staples with washi tape. (You don’t have to do that; I just liked the way it looked and wanted the staples to be covered. Masking or painter’s tape could accomplish the same purpose.) Ours is colored with crayons, but kids could also use markers or colored pencils.

How to get your own free coloring book “A Home for Artyom”

To download your own free copy, click below on “Free Coloring Book.” That will take you to the Advancing Native Missions Catalog page. Scroll down until you see a red rectangle with the “A Home for Artyom” coloring book inside it. You’ll need to enter your email, then you’ll be able to download the coloring book.

Free Coloring Book

About ANM (Advancing Native Missions)

Since 1992, ANM has sent Christian workers to those who haven’t learned about Jesus, God, or the Bible. The key difference about ANM is that they equip these workers to go to unreached areas of their own nations! So rather than a missionary from a foreign country (like America, for example) going to share the gospel, these individuals get to hear the gospel from their own people. You can find out more about ANM at the ANM/About page.

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.