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It’s an epic adventure across Europe, from France to Italy, to Germany and even Russia in this riveting, fun, romantic, enthralling trilogy about true love, honor, and the cost of, well, saving the world.

Title: Out of the Night Series: The Epic Story of York & RJ #1 Author: Susan May Warren Publisher: SDG Publishing Release Date: August 9, 2022 Genre: Romantic Suspense (Clean)

The romantic trilogy ignites in book one of the Epic Story of RJ and York! He’s not looking for trouble… All former spy and current national security agent York Newgate wants is to propose to the woman he loves, RJ Marshall. Then they can move to Shelly, Washington, and start the calm, safe life he’s been dreaming of for over a year. Too bad trouble doesn’t agree… Or maybe RJ simply attracts trouble because she’s just going out for coffee when she spots a wanted, known terrorist standing in the middle of a street in Paris. At least she thinks it’s international criminal Alan Martin, the mastermind behind a plot to kill the president. But he’s in jail, right? Wrong. Martin has escaped, and it’s up to RJ—and York—to keep him in their sights until he can be apprehended. But chasing down Martin means following him into the darkness of whatever plot he’s cooked up now. Will he ever outrun trouble to find his happy ending? So much for York’s epic proposal. Now, he just wants to escape Europe with their lives. PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble  

Title: I Will Find You Series: The Epic Story of York & RJ #2 Author: Susan May Warren Publisher: SDG Publishing Release Date: August 16, 2022 Genre: Romantic Suspense (Clean)

The gripping romantic adventure continues across Europe in this second installment of the Epic Story of RJ and York! The woman he loves has vanished… When RJ Marshall said she’d be right back, York should have objected. No, he wasn’t going to let her run off to Berlin, even if it was to save a little girl. Only problem—she’d told him this while he was unconscious. So really, it doesn’t count, and it’s not his fault that she’s gone missing. And, he didn’t know why he expected RJ not to chase danger into trouble. But now he has to find her before criminal mastermind Alan Martin tracks her down. She’s in over her head… RJ didn’t mean to leave York behind, but she’s on a mission to save a little girl caught in the crossfire of Martin’s terrorist plot. Now, she’ll have to find the girl and keep her safe while leaving clues for York to follow her. But who will catch up to her first—York, or the man with a vendetta? PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble  

Title: No Matter the Cost Series: The Epic Story of York & RJ #3 Author: Susan May Warren Publisher: SDG Publishing Release Date: August 23, 2022 Genre: Romantic Suspense (Clean)

The riveting conclusion to the Epic Story of RJ and York! Her worst nightmare has happened…. RJ refuses to believe it, and until she has proof, she’s going to keep searching for answers. And most of all, for the man she loves, even if it means diving into the past he always wanted to keep secret. The kind of secrets that could have set York free. It’ll take a trip back to Russia, to the sketchy and dark history of York’s life to find the clues to the sinister plans of a global terrorist. And the answers that might lead her to a happy ending. Or has it? What if her happy ending is more than a dream? If RJ hopes to save her country—and find out the truth about York—she’ll have to become the high-action, Sydney Bristow spy that she always dreamed of being. But really, does RJ really have what it takes—with, or without the man she loves—to save the world? And if she does…what will be the cost? PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Knox Tate Ford Wyatt Ruby Jane by Susan May Warren


Susan May Warren

With over 1.5 million books sold, critically acclaimed USA Today best-selling novelist Susan May Warren is the Christy, RITA and Carol award-winning author of over ninety novels with Revell, Tyndale, Barbour, Steeple Hill and Summerside Press. Known for her compelling plots and unforgettable characters, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic-suspense, thrillers, rom-com and Christmas novellas.

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Excerpts from this book series

If you’re like me, you love reading Susan May Warren’s romantic suspense/action novels. I especially love the way she tells the stories of multiple members of one family in her books, then revisits those characters in future ones. In The Epic Story of RJ and York books, you’ll find humor, adventure, and characters (and a love story) that I know you’ll fall for. Here are some excerpts to whet your appetites for this new series!


Chapter 1

York wasn’t a coward. Not even a little. Besides, RJ was going to say yes.
It was just that he wanted it to be perfect. In every way—from the ambiance, to the food,
the stroll along the Seine under a twinkle-light sky, even down to the buskers singing
romantic French songs.
Everything had been meticulously planned and was now aligned for the moment he got
down on one knee and asked Ruby Jane Marshall to marry him. Finally.
And really, that was the only reason it had taken him so very long—painfully,
ridiculously, stupidly long for him to propose. Because after a year and a half of chasing
down bad guys—namely, a plot to kill the president by one former vice-president, which
included checking and rechecking their evidence for the federal prosecutor—he was so very
ready to make good on his promise to return to small town Shelly, Montana, and build a life
One that included a front porch view of Lake Shelly, via the gorgeous timber-framed
house he’d put an offer on—a surprise wedding gift for RJ.
Yes, York had it all figured out. Once they’d gotten clear of the trial, he’d booked this trip
to Paris, purchased a beautiful vintage two carat diamond ring, made dinner reservations at
the famed Le Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower, with the glittering lights of Paris
sprayed at their footsteps. And tonight, during their romantic after dinner walk, he’d tell her
how she’d changed his life.
How, somehow, despite his losses, the wounds, she’d healed him.
Most of all, that he couldn’t wait one more minute to marry her, if she’d have him. In his mind’s eye, she said yes, of course, and leaped into his arms, and—
It would all end happily, he knew it in his heart.


She stalked to the window and opened it. Just a Juliet balcony, and not a real one at that,
but bars that jutted from the window, a decoration. And from it, the overflowing flower
Better a broken leg than a bullet through the head.
For Pete’s sake, York was really going to kill her.
She put her leg over the edge. The balcony wasn’t wide enough for her body, but she
managed to wedge her leg down into the space, then heave her other leg out, letting it dangle
over the side.
“Close the window after me.”
He was already shutting it.
She leaned away from the window, her wedged leg securing her to the building.
But she looked ridiculous, a part of the greenery, overflowing out of the balcony. Please
don’t let the Frenchman see her.
Worse, the ground was further than she’d imagined.
A car drove by. She looked away, a little horrified at herself.
Inside the room, the door opened, and now she heard French, and not for the first time
wished she’d paid attention in college. But no, she’d focused on honing her Russian, thanks
to her foster sister.
In her next life, the one she lived after she dropped to her death in a backwater French
hamlet, she would learn French.
And, maybe parkour.

Hey—that was it. The next window wasn’t so far away—maybe four feet—and if she
could swing herself out, she could grab the bars, climb onto that, and then let herself out
through the next room.
She leaned out, trying to grab it, but it was still over a foot away.
Fine. She hooked her knee over the edge and tried again. Closer, but still a good eight
But if she pushed off with her lower foot, and released her hold with her leg—
Yeah, and if she missed, she’d fall to her death.
But maybe she simply hooked her upper foot into the bars, and still pushed off with her
lower leg and then if she fell, she’d just end up upside down.
Which would be ever so perfect.
Oh, next time she suggested she go off alone, she hoped York would remind her that she
wasn’t Sydney Bristow. Not even close.
Steps inside, and she heard shouting.
This couldn’t be good.
She eyed the balcony. Eight inches. She could do this.
Grabbing the railing, she moved her upper leg around the bars and wedged it into the
rails, so she was balancing on the edge, holding on with her hands.
Then, taking a breath, she turned, hooked her foot into the bars.
Please don’t die. Please don’t—
She jumped.
Her heart stopped, her breath caught as she stretched for the other balcony.
Her fingers touched steel. She gave herself another push—
Her foot dislodged but she closed her hands around the bars.
Then, slid.

Hang on!
She reached the bottom of the balcony, jerked and her body fell hard. The fall woofed out
her breath, but she clung to the bars, dangling.
Don’t look down. Don’t—
But the weight of her body cut into her hands, loosening them.
She grunted, swinging her foot up, trying to land it on the wall, but it slipped off. Worse,
the movement jerked her grip and one hand broke free.
She swung away from her perch, her grip burning.
It broke free.
And then, she was falling.

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