“The Plans He Has for Me” — a review (plus get a Kindle copy for only 99 cents thru 8/30/22)

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Have I got a devotional for you.

Thanks to FrontGate Media and author Rose Ann Forte, I have enjoyed a rich and meaningful devotional time that has brought me real growth lately. Rose Ann’s book The Plans He Has for Me: A 12-week Daily Devotional For Going Alcohol-Free is just the process that ANYONE, not just those who’d like to get alcohol use under control, can truly benefit from. It is all about building empowering habits that give us life to replace old habits that do the opposite, alongside God and His Word.

Let me tell you more about this exceptional book–and, like the title says, you can get a Kindle copy of the book for only 99 cents through 8/30/22!

About The Plans He Has for Me

The Plans He Has for Me is a twelve-week focused devotional for those who want to rid themselves of the psychological slavery associated with the habit of drinking alcohol.

Each day the reader will receive biblical guidance in the form of scripture, encouragement, and a daily prayer to inspire the creation of new habits, stay the course, and feel the power of the Holy Spirit within.

During these twelve weeks, it will become abundantly apparent how God has a much better plan for anyone after the removal this habit, allowing each to access who He created them to be.

Each day for 12 weeks, participants in this book’s devotional will spend time in:

  • Prayer
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Reading Scripture & a devotional passage
  • Thinking on and writing about that
  • And then, ending in prayer

…and about its author, Rose Ann Forte

Rose Ann Forte was a successful C-Suite Executive and ministry leader in the church. She was a working mom of four and a social drinker. Over the years, life’s stresses and a difficult marriage created an environment where her alcohol usage increased significantly. Her health and emotional well-being suffered greatly. After the collapse of her marriage, her drinking further escalated, and she felt like a fraud with God and the Church. She made many attempts to control it only to later lose control again.

There were aspects of AA that didn’t feel comfortable for her so it was not an option in her mind.
She had already submitted to God and didn’t want to call herself an alcoholic.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she enrolled in a coaching program to put alcohol to the side for three months. Her experience was extremely transformational, and she recognized God’s instruction embedded in the entire process. She identified what alcohol had stolen from her life and understood that God had a better plan for her. Rose Ann felt called to document what she learned with a daily devotional so others can experience God’s promises through scriptural instruction with hope and a better plan for the future.

My experiences with The Plans He Has for Me

Although alcohol abuse is not my own struggle, I felt intuitively when I first saw The Plans He Has for Me that it would be an incredible guide for my own journey and building new and healthy habits. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that my own struggles were birthed out of a seriously horrible time (awful stress resulting in two required surgeries; one of which literally saved my life). It was such a rough time that I did not rebound from well. My relationship with God was broken (on my end, of course, not His). And my relationships also suffered.

And yet, God. He promises never to leave us or forsake us, doesn’t He (Deuteronomy 31:6). So we have that promise. What I found was that even though I knew that, and so many other verses, I had a hard time believing and applying them to myself. And I became a person I hardly recognized.

Again–but God. He has been in the process of healing me over the years. And there have been many books which have helped me–and The Plans He Has for Me has been a HUGE and remarkable aid. What I have loved about it is that it truly has been guiding me on a much-needed journey. Have you ever known where you wanted to go but didn’t know how to get there? That’s where I was. But Rose Ann (via her book) came alongside me to guide me: in prayer; in developing an eye for things to be thankful for; in thinking of and writing out how the daily Scriptures (and accompanying devotionals) impacted me and where I was each day in my journey of healing and building new habits. I so appreciated this! I had gotten to a point that I abhorred and avoided journaling (just TOO MUCH. And exhausting.). But Rose Ann’s book doesn’t ask for a novel each day; it only directs the reader to think on and be grateful for good things, and to apply Scripture. Even the end prayers of each day are helpful and can give words for moments we might not even know what to ask.

In all, I would compare working through The Plans He Has For Me devotional to meeting with a spiritual mentor who can help you to, in a way, rewrite your life. It assisted me in developing:

  • A more meaningful prayer life
  • Genuine habits that will change me for the better over time
  • Thoughtfulness about what God might be showing me (I’m more of a “feeler,” so this is incredibly important)
  • An enjoyment of journaling, rather than the “overwhelm” and desire to AVOID I’d felt
  • The ability to really slow down what I was doing each day with God
  • And finally–the change I’ve been hoping for and even dreaming of

Where you can purchase The Plans He Has For Me

You can purchase the Kindle version of The Plans He Has For Me for only 99 cents through Tuesday, August 30, 2022. I so highly recommend this book. It can make an incredible difference in your life, whether you’re wanting to deal with alcohol use OR build any other healthful life habits. Just click on the link below to go to the Amazon book page.

Purchase a Kindle copy of the book for only 99 cents at the highlighted link

You never know what God might use to help you to heal or to move forward on your life’s journey. The Plans He Has For Me has become a remarkable and valued companion for me. I’d almost call it a miracle!

Consider whether this book could be right for you. It is worth checking out!

Bless you! –Wren

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; however, all of my opinions shared here are only my own honest thoughts and experiences.