“Good Night, Body” ~ a charming new picture book (&GA)

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Hello there!

I’ve got a sweet bedtime picture book read to share with y’all today (and even a copy to give away!), that will be of interest to anyone who reads to little ones. The book is Good Night, Body from Tommy Nelson, authored by Britney Winn Lee and illustrated by Borghild Fallberg.

From the publishers, Tommy Nelson, about Good Night, Body and its author

Britney Winn Lee– Britney is the author of The Boy with Big, Big Feelings, The Girl with Big, Big Questions, and the upcoming Good Night, Body: Finding Calm from Head to Toe. As a parent to a son with sensory sensitivities, Britney is passionate about sharing stories that make room for big emotions, while also helping kids (and their grown-ups!) lovingly connect with their bodies. Her book Good Night, Body uses lyrical text and body-positive illustrations through a body scan meditation to help kids navigate stress.

Good Night, Body is about…

Helping children to settle down and relax at bedtime by saying “good night!” to their bodies, from head to toe. As author Britney Winn Lee says in her sweet forward,

Body scanning is a meditation practice that gradually brings awareness to different parts of the body so we can release tension, deepen our breaths, and notice pain that we may be holding on to. This book is designed to help children (and their grown-ups!) lovingly recognize the communication of their bodies and gently invite this part of themselves into rest at the end of the day.

Britney Winn Lee, Good Night, Body

In Good Night, Body, beautiful, peaceful illustrations accompany short directions and kind words to be spoken over little ones. Actions designed to help bodies relax (take a deep breath, release thoughts, raise shoulders up and then down, and so on) are painted with children of every color (and even ability) participating in the actions. (There are even pets and stuffed animals participating!) At the end, children remember that their bodies are a gift and that it is good for them to rest each night.

My thoughts about Good Night, Body

Is it just me–or is everybody feeling a little more stress than they did before the pandemic started? In so many places I look, I see people, news stories, and those in the public eye either a) ranting about the next big thing to panic about, or b) admitting that they, themselves, are feeling really big emotions.

To me, that’s pretty different! (Maybe not the news people throwing out the big, scary headlines.) But I do see people in our culture talking about their feelings. I really do appreciate that! I think, looking back at my mom-of-an-early-childhood-kiddo years, that I’d have been thankful to know more about identifying feelings, and learning how to work through the difficult ones. I think my whole family has been learning since then that it’s okay to NOTICE what we’re feeling, and not try to push it away or sweep it under the rug. As a trusted friend told me recently, “Emotions are part of being human. God didn’t make us to be robots!”

So, I really appreciate the focus of sweet Good Night, Body. Kids (and adults!) can carry stress from the day in tight muscles. What a gift to take children on a point-by-point sweep of their bodies, along with activities to shake out tension or help kids notice the great things that their bodies can do. (Do we ever stop to think what an amazing gift from God our bodies–and ALL the varied things they can do–are?) And not only that, to think back over the day and what happened. (What a great potential opportunity for kiddos to share their daily joys, sorrows, or questions.)

Hello, shoulders. May you be soft like dough. Rise way up high, then settle down into stillness.

Britney Winn Lee, Good Night, Body

Reading this book together can provide moments of fun for parents and children, but also some gentle stretches as each part of the body receives focus and attention.

Overall, Good Night, Body can help children to be aware of their bodies, to notice stress they might not have known was there (and make no mistake, sweet parents, our little ones pick up on the stress we’re feeling ourselves), and to do some simple actions to move the stress on and out. (And to talk to their trusted parents about it.)

I also love, so much, the words on the next-to-last pages:

Good night, body. Good night, dear friend.

Britney Winn Lee, Good Night, Body

In an age (that definitely stretches back to my own childhood and teen years) where culture and society tell us what an “attractive” or “good” body should look like, we want our own children to walk past that, embracing the truth that their bodies, whatever they look like, are a gift. A lovingly created and, imagined by God, place that they live. A wonderful body that houses precious them–their personalities, minds, souls, and spirits. And it is, as God would say, good.

Precious & loving book.

More about the author, and purchase link

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Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Tommy Nelson. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Sarah Young’s new devo for kids: “Jesus Listens”

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Many of you might be familiar with Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” series of books and devotionals. They’re filled with words that God speaks over us (and we know that He would say those things, because they’re all from Scripture), in a daily format. What a comfort to hear those loving words, instructions, and wisdom! Now, Sarah has written a similar devotional book for children, except the idea is flipped around. It’s called Jesus Listens, and 365 daily prayers are composed for kids to read to Jesus. And because He is Jesus, readers can know that He does listen! I was thrilled to receive a copy of this, and I’m going to share my thoughts with you below. First, though, more about the book, AND an Instagram giveaway! (ends 11/8/22)

Here’s more from the publisher:

Book Name Jesus Listens: 365 Prayers for Kids

Author Sarah Young

Publisher Tommy Nelson

In this inspiring 365-day book of prayers, Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, helps children talk to God every day.

More about Jesus Listens

Jesus Listens, the bestselling 365-day prayer devotional from Sarah Young, is now available for children. This book invites your children (and you) into an ongoing conversation with God, growing a meaningful prayer life and closer relationship with Him.
In this inspiring 365-day book of prayers, Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, helps children talk to God every day. Kids will learn how to pray honest prayers and know that Jesus is always listening to them. This book will equip parents who want to

  • teach their kids how to pray and talk to God
  • reassure their children that God is always with them
  • help their kids to read Bible verses every day

Children will learn the daily practice of reading God’s Word and talking to Him. They will

  • know that they can talk to Jesus about anything and come to Him when they are afraid, anxious, or worried
  • learn how to thank and praise God and take Him their requests
  • develop the habit of prayer

This inspirational book for kids ages 8 to 12 makes a perfect gift for

  • Christmas
  • birthdays
  • graduation celebrations and back-to-school
  • baptisms, Sunday school awards, or first communions

Jesus Listens: 365 Prayers for Kids is a wonderful tool to help your children read Scripture and pray every day of the year.

Purchase Link #ad

How to enter the giveaway

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What you’ll find in Jesus Listens

What an incredibly wonderful kids’ devotional!

First, let me tell you about the Jesus Listens format. The devotional contains 365 readings, dated for every day of the year (even February 29). Each devotional has a title and a corresponding verse, followed by a prayer that begins, “Dear Jesus.” Several paragraphs talk about the issues of life a child may experience (like the darkness of the world, personal struggles, realizing that Jesus is indeed with them at every moment). Sarah Young details these issues in the form of prayer but alongside them, proclaims what Scripture says about them, specifically–and ends with thanksgiving and gratefulness. The “Read On Your Own” segment includes four Bible verse addresses that children can look at that were touched upon in each devotional.

So how could a child use this? Since it’s written for ages 8-12, a child could read it alone, praying the words of the devotional aloud or silently. Then, the child can look up the Bible verses and read them. Of course at any time during this quiet time activity, more prayers or Bible verses could be included, since prayer is a back-and-forth activity between God and us! Jesus Listens could be used as a morning devotional or a nighttime one. And, it could also be used as a parent-child activity, with either one taking turns reading paragraphs or Bible verses. It would also be fantastic for homeschooling Bible time. And parents could also use it as a read-aloud devotional time as a family.

It is a wonderful way for children to:

  • learn how to pray
  • understand that prayer is a conversation
  • see that we can pray Scriptures to God
  • most of all, see that the Lord loves His children and wants a close & loving relationship with us all

Some of my favorite moments

I love Sarah’s writing style, where she combines the truths of Scripture in an intimate conversation with the God who made all of us and created us in all the humanness we are: our bodies, minds, emotions, and our will. Sometimes I think we forget that He made us and totally understands us! He delights in us, rejoices over us with gladness, quiets us with His love (Zephaniah 3:17). How amazing it is for children to really know that. Jesus Listens can make that happen for your children (and even for parents!).

Here are some of my favorite parts of the Jesus Listens devotional:

  • “You know about every single one of my troubles. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. So please help me not to be afraid of tears–or the troubles that cause them. I know you can use even my problems for good. You’re teaching me to be comforted by the fact that You’re in control. And I’m learning to trust that You know exactly what You’re doing!” (from October 10)
  • “I’m so thankful that You are the God who sees me. You’re training me to look for you too. Help me remember that You are here with me and You’re working in every moment of my life.” (from April 10)
  • “I know You’ll be working on me and making me more like You. You are going to do new things in my life, and I can’t wait to see what they are! I don’t have to think about the past. I don’t have to worry about mistakes I have made or things I wish I had done or said. Today is a fresh start!” (from January 1)
  • And maybe my top fave:
    • “Please teach me to keep looking to You for help–not to myself or the world around me. You have this amazing ability to be with me both right now and in the future, showing me which way to go. When I close my eyes and listen, I can almost hear you whispering, “Follow Me.” (from January 2)

What a precious devotional Jesus Listens is! This book will bless your children and help them know that God is ALWAYS there, listening to and tenderly caring for them. And isn’t that what we all need to know?

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

A new children’s book filled with love: “Mama, Sing My Song” by Amanda Seibert (a review)

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I received the most precious new picture book from Tommy Nelson Publishers: Mama, Sing My Song, by Amanda Seibert. I enjoyed it so much–it’s full of creative touches that made this book a delight for both reading and reading aloud. Here’s more about what you’ll find in Mama, Sing My Song, plus my thoughts on the book!

About Mama, Sing My Song

Mama, Sing My Song is a sweet, faith- and love-filled song to children: about how precious and special they are to both God and their parents. Bunnies, sloths, giraffes, foxes, bears, and cats (both baby animals and their moms) are shown together in play, snuggles, and quiet activity as the gentle rhyme of the printed prose (which is also a song) meanders along the pages. The animals and their varied habitats are colorfully illustrated in ways that will draw little eyes to explore and enjoy.

Endpapers include spaces for personalization, where parents can write verses, prayers, and special thoughts about their children, to their children.

Although the book is written for ages 4-8, I believe that children both younger and older than that will be both delighted and encouraged by Mama, Sing My Song.

My thoughts about Mama, Sing My Song

What if you had a book AND a song which tells your children how enormously valued they are in God’s eyes–and in your eyes as well?

Mama, Sing My Song is that book. And, that song! (There is a QR code inside the book’s cover which will provide a free download for you of the musical version of the words of the book.) I love this thought from the author of Mama, Sing My Song:

“There are three things I have become quite sure of:” says Seibert, “every child is uniquely made in the image of God; the words we speak have great power, and song is one of the most memorable, meaningful ways to touch a life. When you combine those three things, something truly magical happens.”

Amanda Seibert

From my own very first moments of motherhood, I wanted to speak life over and into the heart of my child. I loved having music, books, and Scripture to help me accomplish this goal. What a wonderful gift Mama, Sing My Song is for both parents and children–and what a way to begin to teach children that they are precious in both their parents’ AND God’s eyes!

The world actively tells us that we are not enough. That we are judged for whatever. That we’re always being compared to others who are more (fill in the blank). How vital it is for us to communicate the opposite to our children: that they are created carefully and lovingly in God’s image. That His presence is always with them. That they are unique and dearly loved. That they are enough.

I was absolutely captivated by the beautiful words of Mama, Sing My Song. I loved the darling animals and the wonderful use of color, which is just as expressive as the prose, and perfectly calibrated to the different habitats and activities of the animals. For example, the wild and vivid fuchsia, blues, and greens in the sloths’ rain forest . Or deep blues and purples, along with a bright yellow moon in the dogs’ field at night. Or, the daytime’s yellow and green daisy field for the mom cat and kitten. Each illustration expresses the peace and love between the parent animals and their babies. So perfect alongside the song’s words!

If you have little ones in your family, this is just the book I’d recommend. It is both lovely and lyrical, even as it’s filled with powerful truths. Mama, Sing My Song will speak those truths into their lives, and lovingly define for little ones that they really are precious and dearly loved.

About the author, Amanda Seibert

Amanda Seibert is the founder and “original mama” of Mama Sing My Song, a company that has created personalized songs and lullabies for thousands of kids all over the world. She believes that every child is uniquely created and loved by God, that words hold great power, and that song is one of the most beautiful,memorable ways to touch a life. She attended Moody Bible Institute, spent three years serving at a children’s home in India, and now lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three children, where they try to fill their home with songs, dance, and laughter each day.

About the illustrator, Sally Garland

Sally Garland grew up in a small town in the Highlands of Scotland and studied illustration at Edinburgh College of Art before moving to Glasgow. Sally has loved drawing since she was young and grew up with an assortment of pets, including goldfish, budgies, hamsters, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, a pony, and, of course, rabbits. Each of these little personalities still influences her illustrations today.

Where you can purchase Mama, Sing My Song…and more

Amanda Seibert has some wonderful things available to parents and to purchasers on the book’s website! There, you’ll find:

  • a free downloadable activity packet
  • Purchase links for Mama, Sing My Song from booksellers like Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, Target, Book Shop, Christian Book, and Walmart
  • 10 wonderful (and sometimes humorous) tips on how you can help foster families in your community (just check under “Foster” in the website’s header)
  • You also have an option to order a Book & Stuffy Bundle, which gives you Mama, Sing My Song plus an adorable stuffed animal from the book: a bunny, fox, polar bear, brown bear, cat, sloth, or giraffe. (I freely admit I’m always a sucker for a stuffy. These all look so huggable!)

Here’s a direct link to the book’s site:

Mama, Sing My Song

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of Mama, Sing My Song from Tommy Nelson Publishers. All opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.

“Coloring God’s Love for Me: 100 Devotions to Inspire Young Hearts” ~ a JustRead Bookstagram & Review Tour (& giveaway, ends 6/13/22)

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I’d love to invite you to learn more about Janae Dueck’s wonderful coloring book and devotional for children! Right now, you can even enter a giveaway to win a copy on Instagram (keep reading for more info on how to enter). First, let me tell you some book details about Coloring God’s Love for Me!

About Coloring God’s Love for Me

⇒ Book Name Coloring God’s Love for Me: 100 Devotions to Inspire Young Hearts

⇒ Author Janae Dueck

⇒ Publisher Tommy Nelson

⇒ Purchase Linkhttps://amzn.to/3GEnlBh #ad

Release Date: June 13, 2022
Genre: Children’s, Devotional, Journal, Coloring Book

Hold on to the Bible’s promises of God’s love, care, and protection with this coloring book devotional for kids. Each devotion includes Scripture, a reflection on the verse using kid-friendly examples, and a coloring page that illustrates the promise.

This activity book for kids ages 6 to 9 features

  • 100 promises based on God’s Word that encourage children to trust the Lord no matter what–through exciting adventures, new experiences, anxieties, challenges, and sad times
  • devotions that guide children toward a better understanding of who God is and His loving plans for them
  • illustrations to color on every page that represent the biblical truths in fun, creative ways

Enjoy hours of coloring God’s promises with

  • sturdy paper perfect for markers, gel pens, crayons, or colored pencils
  • short readings great for family and homeschool devotions, kids’ quiet times, or Sunday School lessons
  • notebook-sized pages that fit just right in a backpack or car seat pocket

Kids will love personalizing this keepsake devotional as they color their way through each promise and reflect on God’s goodness. Coloring God’s Love for Me is a hands-on devotional for kids that makes an encouraging gift for summer vacation, birthdays, Christmas, and Easter.


⇒ Giveaway – (2) winners will receive a print copy of the book via this giveaway–head over to Instagram to enter, following the directions below.

⇒  To Enter, LIKE and SAVE this post, FOLLOW these Instagram accounts: @janae.dueck @tommynelsonbooks @justreadtours, and let us know you did in a COMMENT. Add up to 3 friend TAGS in that comment for BONUS entries.

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My thoughts about Coloring God’s Love for Me

What an incredibly lovely coloring and devotional journal! And I mean that, not only by the coloring pages in the book, but just as important, with the devotional thoughts and Scriptures that this book is organized around. I am a fan of the Bible journaling and coloring trend that’s been popular for years now; and Janae Dueck takes this trend and makes it accessible and wonderful for younger readers. This book is aimed at the 6-9 year-old age range, but I would say that older readers who enjoy Bible journaling will also enjoy it. (After all–I am a mom, and I loved it!)

In each of the 100 devotions, Dueck begins with a promise, like “Promise 12: God Carries My Worries.” She then offers a Scripture, which is printed on the page under the promise. Then, a devotional expanding on the verse and promise appears on the left side and a line drawing connected to them is on the right side.

The promises touch on many parts of the lives of Christians. Here are some precious promises that kids will love learning:

  • God Keeps His Promises
  • God Heals My Heart
  • I Can Discover Wisdom
  • God Brightens My Life
  • I Can Find Joy in God
  • and lots more!

The coloring pages range from parts of verses (like the book’s last page, modeled on Philippians 4: 19), to simple drawings of animals, to more intricate line drawings with lots of detail. Many times, the theme is echoed on the devotional page, so that coloring can happen on both sides. Children can read and color these devotional drawings on their own, or coloring and reading could easily become part of a parent-child craft and Bible time. Crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, and many markers can be used in this book (although you’ll want to test some markers on unobtrusive pages, just to ensure that you won’t be getting bleed-through).

I am so blessed and encouraged to see that authors, artists, and publishers are creating materials for children to use as they grow in their own faith. I loved the way that Janae Dueck presents ideas and Bible verses for kids, in language and in art form that little minds can comprehend and remember. I recommend Coloring God’s Love for Me for you and your family–especially if you have little ones who love to color and create art. What a beautiful way to weave Scripture into creative moments. Wonderful!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Max Lucado’s “You Can Count On God” ~ a JustRead Bookstagram & Review Tour (& giveaway, ends 3/3/22)

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I was so happy to get a chance, courtesy of JustRead Tours, to read Max Lucado’s new devotional for kids, You Can Count On God. JustRead Tours has provided some more information about this book for you that you’ll want to know; then, I’ll share some of my thoughts. And, you can enter the giveaway (but do that quickly; it ends March 3, 2022!).

⇒ Book Name You Can Count On God: 100 Devotions for Kids

⇒ Author Max Lucado

⇒ Publisher Tommy Nelson

⇒ Purchase Linkhttps://amzn.to/3gR7fIE #ad

⇒ Book Blurb 

From New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado, these 100 devotions will help kids worry less, bravely try new things, and draw closer to God as they learn to trust His faithfulness.

Adapted from the encouraging devotional for adults, You Can Count on God teaches children that they can count on God because He will never leave them, and will love them unconditionally. Give your child the gift of knowing that they can count on God, no matter what.

With a ribbon bookmark, presentation page, attractive textured hardcover, and bold color interiors, this hope-giving devotional for kids is the perfect gift for any child needing courage for a new challenge, peace from anxieties about the future, or relief from disappointment, insecurity, and overwhelm. You Can Count on God will guide children into a deeper relationship with God as they learn about His faithfulness in the past and build confidence that they can always trust Him to help them.

⇒ Giveaway – (1) winner will receive a print copy of the book. (US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics. Instagram is not affiliated with nor responsible for this giveaway. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on March 3, 2022.)

How to enter the giveaway:

Since this is an Instagram giveaway, you’ll need to do the following to enter:

To enter, FOLLOW @maxlucado @tommynelsonbooks @justreadtours , LIKE and SAVE this post, and comment to let them know you did

For MORE entries, TAG a friend (up to 3x per post)

VISIT each hosted post of this tour. Schedule @justreadtours.

My thoughts

How I wish that devotionals like You Can Count on God were being published when I was a child! Max Lucado’s wonderful new kids’ devotional includes 100 devotionals written in Max’s signature clear, easy-to-understand conversational style. Each devotional includes a title, a Bible verse and its address (printed out in the text), and facing pages with Max unpacking what kids can learn about God, the verse, and life. Last, each devotional reading closes with questions for kids to think on, a prayer, an activity to do, or something important to remember. The devotionals have some deep material in them but they’re written so clearly that kids will understand, whether they experience You Can Count on God as a family read-aloud or if the child reads it alone.

I love this devotional so much. It covers so many topics (after all, the Bible contains a LOT of ideas in its 66 books!) and helps kids to understand where God is, how He can be found, and how deeply He cares for all of us. It teaches readers ideas (what to do when we mess up; how we can love others; how we can meet God; how God brings provision, fellowship and community; and more). It also brings stories about Bible characters to life (like Hagar, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Naomi and Ruth, and of course, Jesus!). All of these are written with humor and kindness, and also quite vividly, so that kids will remember them.

Max also shares Scriptures quite liberally. There are verses which headline each devotional. But there are also a number of verses sprinkled within each one. This is fantastic, because this practice helps expose kids to more of the Bible as well as showing them that it really does apply to everyday life. And, that it can help them in good moments and difficult ones; and it can become a guide for helping them make decisions.

Some of my favorite parts are…

I have to share some of my favorite passages with you from this lovely devotional. Here they are!

  • “Why did God let all those bad things happen? Why did he let Joseph be sold as a slave and then get thrown into prison? Because that wasn’t the end of Joseph’s story. God worked through all those terrible things to do something wonderful…So the next time you’ve got troubles and you don’t see how things could ever be good again, don’t give up. Trust God. He’s got a plan. And he’s always working for your good.”
  • “How much does God love you?…His love for you stretches farther than the edge of outer space. It’s bigger than the mountains and wider than all the seas. God loves you like he loves Jesus, his own Son (John 17:23). And he’s made you part of his family (1 John 3:1).”
  • “I AM had a special meaning in the Hebrew language, the language of the Israelites. It means that God always lives and is always with his people. Always. That means back there in the desert with Moses, and it means right here today. Whenever you’re worried or upset or scared or just having the worst day, call to him. Then remember that I AM is with you and he will lead you to a better place.”
  • M is for meditate. And meditate is just a fancy way of saying think about. God wants you to “think about the things that are good and worthy of praise” (Philippians 4:8). Because when your mind is all filled up with thoughts of good things, there’s no room for worry.”

When I was reading You Can Count on God, I remembered that when I came to Christ as a 9-year-old, I had three resources; the King James Bible, the Living Bible, and The Chronicles of Narnia. I would be the first to tell you that it took me awhile to gain any traction in my walk with God! But today’s generation of children and teens has a wonderful library out there to help them grow in their faith, and Max’s new kid devotional is a wonderful addition to it. Why don’t you purchase a copy of You Can Count on God. It might be just what your kids are looking for!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Beautiful picture book: “Good Morning, Little One” ~ a review

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FrontGate Media sent me the most beautiful picture book, just in time for Easter! Artist Amy Kavelaris painted and wrote Good Morning, Little One to share God’s delight and love for children. It is absolutely gorgeous, and you will definitely want to get a copy of this for your family (or others that you love!). Let me show you some of this wonderful book.

About Good Morning, Little One

In Good Morning, Little One, Amy Kavelaris pairs her beautiful painted animals with Scripture and words to remind children (and adults!) that God is always watching over them, rejoicing over them, and loving them. Subtitled “New Mercies and Prayers to Carry You Through the Day,” this is the perfect book to help establish your child’s faith early on! The endpapers and paste-down of this hardback are a lovely green and have promises from Scripture written in flowing font, with flower around the edges. There’s also a spot for the giver of the book to inscribe it to the child.

The characters in this book are lambs, puppies and bunny rabbits. They’re embraced by their animal parents, who are greeting them with God’s blessings in the new day, and the parents’ trust and belief that God will carry their precious child all day long. There are gorgeous illustrations with those main characters, plus some birds and mice tucked around the corners. Promises of God’s incredible care and love are written on each pair of pages. And, there are some surprises on the pages as well; Amy Kavelaris has tucked the Bible verses that contain the promises in tiny font, so families can do a treasure hunt for them as well as look them up in their own Bibles.

The prose flows gently and pairs perfectly with the pages. On these pages, children are reminded that God protects them, picks them up when they get tired, and will always seek them and find them when they are lost.

On the facing page to the promise that God carries us, children are treated to a visual illustration of what that can look like, where a puppy is carried in a comfy basket (with a plaid cloth) by its fluffy dog parent. (Maybe they are golden retrievers!)

Again and again in this lovely book, readers are treated to the beauty of God’s care for us in its Bible verses and the darling animals which are so beautifully painted by Kavelaris. Children are also encouraged to dance and worship God, to call out to God in prayers, and to remember that God crafted every single part of them. I just loved the pages that remind readers that even if dark moments come, God’s love will still shine brightly on them. This is a message not only that children need to hear, but that parents and grandparents will be comforted by as they share them together.

This book is just such a joy! I love its charming animals and beautiful verses. (The author even included my most favorite flower, peonies!) Its message, that the God who made us loves us, cares for us each day, and is thrilled when we reach out for Him, is the perfect way parents can start each day with their children. This book would be the perfect addition to an Easter basket, or a gift for a new baby; really, it’s the perfect addition to any child’s library. Don’t miss it!

Where you can purchase Good Morning, Little One

You can purchase Good Morning, Little One by clicking on this link from Amazon, Walmart, Christianbook, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. You can also download a charming, *free* Activity Guide to go with the book.

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author. All opinions are my own.

“Anxious for Nothing” Young Readers Edition ~ A JustRead Bookstagram & Review Tour (& giveaway, ends 10/18/21)

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Today, I have the privilege of sharing with you Max Lucado’s new book, Anxious for Nothing Young Readers Edition. Cowritten with Andrea Lucado and published by Tommy Nelson, this 11-chapter book talks about anxiety in a loving and understandable way that’s just perfect for kids and teens.

Our kids are under tremendous stress and pressure, with a rapidly changing culture demanding more and more from them. More attention, more screens, more intensity, more fear. Anxious for Nothing helps young people overcome the anxiety and pressures of today’s world and come to a deeper understanding of God’s loving presence as promised in Philippians 4:6-7, drawing on content from Max Lucado’s bestselling book of the same name.

In this chaotic age of social media, packed schedules, and an increasing awareness of the world’s problems, it’s normal for young people to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But the good news of the gospel has not changed. This encouraging book will help tweens and teens take control of their feelings and choose to focus on God’s truth.

Practical, motivating, and biblically grounded, Anxious for Nothing (Young Readers Edition) is a timely book for kids who feels overwhelmed, lonely, or anxious, or who simply want to experience God’s abundant joy and peace.

  • In this young readers adaptation of Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado uses honest stories, relatable Bible study, and practical helps to encourage tweens to receive God’s peace as they let go of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.
  • This much-needed book adapts content from You Are Not Alone and Anxious for Nothing. With the warmth and authenticity that has made him a beloved pastor and writer, Max Lucado middle graders and tweens:biblical hope and powerful strategies to help them flourish amidst struggles
    encouragement that God is near, He cares, and He listens
    truths to claim for themselves in difficult moments
    practical ways to work through their worries and rely on God’s faithfulness
  • This special edition of Anxious for Nothing also includes:a note to kids from author Max Lucado
    application questions, journal prompts, and activities that guide kids in Christ-focused mindfulness
    callouts and infographics featuring relevant Bible verses, and takeaways
    sidebars addressing technology-related stress

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My thoughts

This is now officially my new favorite Max Lucado book.

It is written in the kindest, most loving fashion, which is just what kid and teen readers need if they’re struggling with anxiety already. The cover is beautiful and the book is sized just right for smaller hands. It’s filled with sidebars, familiar kid situations, and infographics, plus lists of actions readers can take to calm down and train their minds to not be ruled by anxiety.

I loved reading Anxious for Nothing! The book is based on Philippians 4:4-8, which is a familiar passage to many of us. The author, Paul, wrote Philippians while he was incarcerated in a Roman prison. So, if anyone had reason to be anxious or worried, Paul did! But he exercised vastly different mental choices. He chose to focus his mind in a different way; on habits he could cling to, truths about God, not letting the enemy feed him harmful or damaging ideas. And Max Lucado takes these Scriptures, and formats them into ways today’s teens and kids can make different choices as well. Reading books about mental health can feel overwhelming or daunting, but this book gently and clearly puts these Scriptures into portions, exercises, and activities that really can benefit anyone; and can help us grow in Christ at the same time.

Here are some of my favorite passages:

  • “Paul’s writing in the Bible shows that he was convinced of the steady hand of a good God. He was protected by God’s strength. He was cared for by God’s love. He lived beneath the shadow of God’s wings.”
  • “He (Jesus) cares about your problems too–no matter how small–because you care about them.”
  • “You may be facing the perfect storm. But Jesus offers the perfect peace.”
  • “Fix your eyes on the face of the One who can calm the storm….God is merciful. His grace is great. He has forgiven us through His Son, Jesus. Because of this, we don’t have to feel guilt or shame.”

Aren’t those wonderful words?

Anxious for Nothing would be fantastic for families to read together; for devotional times; or for kids and teens to read on their own. I think this book could provide rich and helpful conversations and truly help its readers. I even recommend it for parents; I learned so much myself, and others in my family will be reading it as well!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.