Max Lucado’s “You Can Count On God” ~ a JustRead Bookstagram & Review Tour (& giveaway, ends 3/3/22)

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I was so happy to get a chance, courtesy of JustRead Tours, to read Max Lucado’s new devotional for kids, You Can Count On God. JustRead Tours has provided some more information about this book for you that you’ll want to know; then, I’ll share some of my thoughts. And, you can enter the giveaway (but do that quickly; it ends March 3, 2022!).

⇒ Book Name You Can Count On God: 100 Devotions for Kids

⇒ Author Max Lucado

⇒ Publisher Tommy Nelson

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⇒ Book Blurb 

From New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado, these 100 devotions will help kids worry less, bravely try new things, and draw closer to God as they learn to trust His faithfulness.

Adapted from the encouraging devotional for adults, You Can Count on God teaches children that they can count on God because He will never leave them, and will love them unconditionally. Give your child the gift of knowing that they can count on God, no matter what.

With a ribbon bookmark, presentation page, attractive textured hardcover, and bold color interiors, this hope-giving devotional for kids is the perfect gift for any child needing courage for a new challenge, peace from anxieties about the future, or relief from disappointment, insecurity, and overwhelm. You Can Count on God will guide children into a deeper relationship with God as they learn about His faithfulness in the past and build confidence that they can always trust Him to help them.

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My thoughts

How I wish that devotionals like You Can Count on God were being published when I was a child! Max Lucado’s wonderful new kids’ devotional includes 100 devotionals written in Max’s signature clear, easy-to-understand conversational style. Each devotional includes a title, a Bible verse and its address (printed out in the text), and facing pages with Max unpacking what kids can learn about God, the verse, and life. Last, each devotional reading closes with questions for kids to think on, a prayer, an activity to do, or something important to remember. The devotionals have some deep material in them but they’re written so clearly that kids will understand, whether they experience You Can Count on God as a family read-aloud or if the child reads it alone.

I love this devotional so much. It covers so many topics (after all, the Bible contains a LOT of ideas in its 66 books!) and helps kids to understand where God is, how He can be found, and how deeply He cares for all of us. It teaches readers ideas (what to do when we mess up; how we can love others; how we can meet God; how God brings provision, fellowship and community; and more). It also brings stories about Bible characters to life (like Hagar, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Naomi and Ruth, and of course, Jesus!). All of these are written with humor and kindness, and also quite vividly, so that kids will remember them.

Max also shares Scriptures quite liberally. There are verses which headline each devotional. But there are also a number of verses sprinkled within each one. This is fantastic, because this practice helps expose kids to more of the Bible as well as showing them that it really does apply to everyday life. And, that it can help them in good moments and difficult ones; and it can become a guide for helping them make decisions.

Some of my favorite parts are…

I have to share some of my favorite passages with you from this lovely devotional. Here they are!

  • “Why did God let all those bad things happen? Why did he let Joseph be sold as a slave and then get thrown into prison? Because that wasn’t the end of Joseph’s story. God worked through all those terrible things to do something wonderful…So the next time you’ve got troubles and you don’t see how things could ever be good again, don’t give up. Trust God. He’s got a plan. And he’s always working for your good.”
  • “How much does God love you?…His love for you stretches farther than the edge of outer space. It’s bigger than the mountains and wider than all the seas. God loves you like he loves Jesus, his own Son (John 17:23). And he’s made you part of his family (1 John 3:1).”
  • “I AM had a special meaning in the Hebrew language, the language of the Israelites. It means that God always lives and is always with his people. Always. That means back there in the desert with Moses, and it means right here today. Whenever you’re worried or upset or scared or just having the worst day, call to him. Then remember that I AM is with you and he will lead you to a better place.”
  • M is for meditate. And meditate is just a fancy way of saying think about. God wants you to “think about the things that are good and worthy of praise” (Philippians 4:8). Because when your mind is all filled up with thoughts of good things, there’s no room for worry.”

When I was reading You Can Count on God, I remembered that when I came to Christ as a 9-year-old, I had three resources; the King James Bible, the Living Bible, and The Chronicles of Narnia. I would be the first to tell you that it took me awhile to gain any traction in my walk with God! But today’s generation of children and teens has a wonderful library out there to help them grow in their faith, and Max’s new kid devotional is a wonderful addition to it. Why don’t you purchase a copy of You Can Count on God. It might be just what your kids are looking for!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

New devotional by Sadie Robertson Huff: “Live on Purpose” ~ A JustRead Bookstagram & Review Tour (PLUS Flash Giveaway, ends tonight 10/11/21)

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JustRead Publicity Tours was kind enough to send me a gorgeous hardback copy of Sadie Robertson Huff’s new devotional, Live on Purpose: 100 Devotions for Letting Go of Fear and Following God. Published by Tommy Nelson, this book is a rich, beautifully-written guide for readers to think on Scripture, compare what it says to what we face in our daily lives, and purpose to believe God and follow Him. Let me tell you more!

About Live on Purpose

Learn how to celebrate every moment in life while living enthusiastically and following your God-given passions with New York Times bestselling author Sadie Robertson’s devotional Live on Purpose. Teens and young adults will reach new depths of faith as they discover how to live life to the fullest with Sadie’s 100 meaningful devotions.

Live on Purpose takes the life-changing themes from Sadie’s bestselling books Live Fearless and Live and helps you apply those truths through Scripture, prayer, and her passionate message to live well.

Live on Purpose is a valuable message for anyone eager to make a difference in the world and is a perfect gift for a graduation, a birthday celebration, the holidays, or a faith anniversary. This book will help you discover that when you follow your God-given passions, nothing can stop you from living your most enthusiastic, purposeful life.

  • Live on Purpose, Sadie Robertson’s confidence-inspiring devotional based on her bestselling books Live Fearless and Live, offers intention in your everyday time with God and helps you make the most of your amazing, one-of-a-kind life.
  • In each entry, Sadie shares her personal journey with God and gives you practical tools for . . .
    Overcoming fear and living with confidence
    Living without limitations by setting aside fear, anxiety, and comparison
    Authentically celebrating every moment in life
    Replacing temporary highs with the promises of God
    Dreaming big and living like it’s on purpose!
  • With a social media audience of more than 6 million, Sadie is a wholesome role model and enthusiastic voice for her generation. Sadie’s fanbase follows her hit podcast, WHOA That’s Good; watched her become runner-up on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars; or read her bestselling books including Live, Live Fearless, Live Original,and Life Just Got Real.

You can purchase this book here: #ad

How to enter the giveaway

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My thoughts about Live on Purpose

I thoroughly enjoyed Sadie Robertson Huff’s (with Tama Fortner) devotional. It is such an encouraging book. And I have to admit to you: I read it more as a book than as a devotional! Meaning, I sat down, opened the book to its first devotional, “On Purpose and With a Purpose,” and read from there. Of course, I also used it as a devotional on given days, but reading it in chunks enabled me to see some of its overall aim: to connect readers not only WITH God, but with His incredible purpose for our lives. Isn’t that an amazing thought, that He has a calling into life with Him for each of us, but then also, amazing work that we can do with our lives as we flow with Him?

Sadie has a good grip on these ideas, and she communicates them so kindly and lovingly to the reader. She starts each devotional page with a Scripture, then talks about how we can believe it and act upon it in our lives. She also reminds us that God is good. Period! With the struggles and challenges life hands us at times, sometimes we can be tempted to believe the opposite, which our enemy would love to see happen.

Over and over, Sadie uses Scripture, snippets from her books, and moments from her own life to remind us that God is so good, loves us so deeply, and has an awesome plan for our lives. All we have to do is answer His invitation…and then go on the adventure with Him. He may call us to do what we feel are impossible things. Sadie reminds us that yes, they might be impossible…but never for God, who’s at work in us to act!

Live on Purpose is a wonderful book, and a devotional with an important message for people today: “You matter. God loves you so much. And He has an incredible life He’s inviting you to.” That is so different from the messages we get from the world (or from social media). It’s something everyone needs to hear!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

New kids’ devotional: “Roar Like a Lion” (CLOSED)

*Congratulations to Kelly W., the winner of the book!*

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Hi everyone! I have a fantastic kids’ devotional giveaway for you today: Levi Lusko’s Roar Like a Lion. I received a copy of this book from Momentum Influencer Network; and they’re going to give away a copy to one reader as well!

About Roar Like a Lion

This devotional is written for kids aged 6-10 from a Christian perspective. Co-written by pastor Levi Lusko and Tama Fortner, it encourages kids to embrace courage, remain hopeful, build their own faith, and, as the book says so beautifully on the back cover, “Understand how you are a part of God’s great story.” There are 90 devotional readings contained in a 192-page hardcover book, sized just right for kid hands (6 1/2″ x 8 1/4″). It’s illustrated by Catherine Pearson.

Each devotional starts with a title. Then, the Bible verse is listed. Next, the authors share how the verse could apply to kid life (in situations with siblings, parents, peers, friends, the world at large, or in their own choices). The devotional ends with simple prayers. Also, there are sidebars on the right which tell an anecdote or story, or summarize events from the Bible which relate to what kids have just read. These are entitled “Get Ready to Roar!” or “Did You Know?”

What you’ll read inside

You’ll find thoughtful, gently and kindly-written words that are just right for kids to read to themselves. (Of course, this could also be read by kids and parents together, in the morning or just before bed.) The authors know what it’s like to be kids, and to face issues that they face, because (of course) they were kids once themselves! Levi Lusko also is the parent of several children. So armed with day-to-day life experience, years of pastoring, and the Bible, they offer clear explanations of Bible verses and how they really do apply to kids’ daily experiences.

The writing is warm and clearly written in a caring manner, so that kids and readers know the authors understand what it’s like to face a world and situations that are beyond kids’ experiences; and that the Bible have loving and helpful words to apply. Verses that kids will remember or can memorize.

And, I have to mention the artwork! As you saw above, the cover art is breathtaking. I thought of stained-glass windows, while my son thought of origami-type paper art. (I think we’re both right!) Inside the book, under each title, you’ll find art that illustrates each particular devotional. Those echo again the collage/paper feeling of the cover art. They’re cheerful and wonderful. I even was reminded of one of my own favorite illustrators of children’s books and her work, Lois Lenski. Kids and parents will love the art, which takes each topic and brings it to life vividly.

So what are some kid life challenges that readers will discover here? Here are some of the topics:

  • Even kids can be leaders
  • God loves us and speaks to us
  • School days that are tough
  • What to do when you don’t know how to proceed
  • Fears
  • How God sees us
  • And one of my own cherished phrases: “But God…”
  • and more!

I particularly loved how Lusko wove the story of Jesus and Jairus and the woman who touched Jesus’s robe so she could be healed, into an illustration of how we might feel when we are interrupted…and how Jesus dealt with the same thing. Or about our habits, and Jesus’s habits! Or, how seemingly impossible situations were worked out by our “But God…” God. Over and over, devotionals are presented that will help kids know that God loves them and holds them close, and is so ready to lead and guide them always.

I had many favorite passages in this book. But I wanted to show you one of my top faves:

God never will leave us. And He will NEVER break His promises.

That’s an exceptional word for all of us, whether we’re kids or adults!

And…some Roar Like a Lion freebies from the publisher!

This devotional is so wonderful. But sometimes, we as parents might not know how to approach spiritual discussions with our kiddos. Here are some free resources for you from the publisher; a “Parent Discussion Guide,” and a guide to “Four Rhythms to Setting the Pace in Your Home.” Both of these are free downloads that you can save and print from the links below.

1. Parent Discussion Guide

Teaching kids about the Bible can be hard. Taking concepts like heaven, and hope, and loss, and faith, and boiling them down into digestible bite sizes for kids is challenging!

This guide is built as a tool to accompany the book, and to help your family discuss Roar Like a Lion together. Each day you’ll find a few questions that will help you dig deeper into what your child is discovering.

My prayer is that Roar Like a Lion will ignite your child’s heart and imagination to know and love Jesus! And that is my prayer for you, too.

Download Parent Discussion Guide

2. Four Rhythms to Setting The Pace of Your Home.

Your calendar is chaotic, your days loud, and your seasons busy. I see you. I feel that.

Maybe you feel like the madness of life is clouding the calling on your home. Like you just can’t pinpoint the priorities. Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering…

  • Is “balance” even possible?
  • Is parenting ever not chaotic?
  • Will I always feel overbooked, under-rested, and too busy?

The truth is, there is a God-ordained rhythm that He wants us to set out our lives to. There is a built-in beat. There is a cadence. There is an ebb and flow to how He wants our lives to go.

Find the encouragement you need to set a sustainable pace in this free download.

Where to purchase Roar Like a Lion

Just click on the Buy Link below!

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Best of all, I have a copy of Roar Like a Lion to give away!

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Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: Many thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing this product/product information for review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.