Wren met her husband while they served together in a foreign country as missionaries.  She homeschools their only son, and loves reading, gardening, teaching, art and freebies!

Finch  is an HR professional; married, foodie and traveler who has a passion for fitness, nutrition and living a beautiful life!

These sisters are excited to share their favorite experiences with you.  Welcome!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Wren– glad to “meet” you. We were missionaries in Spain for 12 years, and I do love art, teaching 3rd grade, reading and working in the yard– right now we’re up to our necks in sweet peas. Fun to find your blog.

    • Rhonda—-wow! Lots we have in common there! We were in the former Soviet Union…still so near and dear to my heart. Our sweet peas haven’t gotten taller than 4″ yet….but they are on their way! I love the things God shows us in a garden!

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