ADORED: A Review & Giveaway of Lindsay A. Franklin’s New Book (Ends 11/27/17)

I have a lovely book to tell you about today.  The BlogAbout Blogger Network was kind enough to send me a copy to review AND a copy of this lovely book to give away to one special reader!



If you are a young woman, do you ever wish that you had someone to help guide you through the ups and downs of life, emotions, relationships, and challenges?  I know that I certainly did.  The adolescent and young adult lives that we live carry so much change, so much identity-formation, so much of the internal life that we don’t necessarily even realize as we walk through life.

Most of all, do (or did) you realize that there is a God of the universe, the God of the Bible, who doesn’t just like you or tolerate you but ADORES you?

Author Lindsay A. Franklin certainly understands this and communicates it vibrantly and joyfully, (not to mention, at times, hilariously) in ADORED.  Subtitled 365 Devotions for Young Women, this book is filled to overflowing with daily Scriptures and devotional writings that speak wonderfully to the hearts of young women.  (Or even women who’d fit more into the Titus category, or moms of children or teens, like me!)


ADORED is just a gorgeous book, inside and out.  It’s a smooth hardback book that feels substantial but isn’t too heavy in the hands.  Its gold and blue artsy cover is echoed in the pages, which have illustrated blue borders plus lines for journaling thoughts and prayers at the bottom of the pages.  Each day’s reading (and there are, as mentioned in the title, 365–so one for each day of the year) begins with a Bible verse and its address printed at the top of each page.  To go along with each of these, Franklin has written devotionals that address ways we can understand the verses, be encouraged by them, or even live out their instructions in our daily lives (both inner and outer).

How I used this book…

I love to start my day with devotional and Bible reading, or Bible study.  So I really enjoyed reading ADORED in the mornings with my coffee.  Sometimes, I’d look up the daily Bible verse in my own Bible, so that I could glean more of Scripture and the contexts the verses were set in.  And although I live with men in my home (my husband and teen son) rather than young women, I often found inspiring and encouraging words that I could share with them during family Bible times or devotionals together.  They’re not the target audience, but there was so much rich content that really affects all of us.



and what I thought about it

So why did I find that ADORED was so applicable to my whole family?

I really think that it’s because all of us, whether we’re male or female, younger or older, deeply need to know that we are loved.  Even adored.  Lindsay A. Franklin makes that point in her book again and again, in different ways, with different words.  And we all need to hear that!

Here are some of my favorite words from this remarkable book:

  • “But given how much Scripture talks about waiting, specifically waiting on the Lord, we can guess patience is listed as a fruit of the Spirit for a reason.  God is never in a rush.  This God who is always the same says, “Wait on me.  See what I have for you in my time.”…God’s not in a rush, so why are we?”  (Day 23)
  • “You have a God who offers peace.  You have a God who hears your prayers.  You have a God who never backs down, even from the very gates of hell.  You are never alone and your God is never overcome.  So stand tall.  You can trust God to help you overcome those who are trying to intimidate you.”  (Day 18)
  • “Our God–the one of unchanging purpose, constant love, utmost consistency–never discovers greener grass and decides to graze over there a bit.  He knows all the grass.  He’s not wooed by the bigger, better deal.  He’s not suddenly walking alongside you in life, only to be distracted, shout “Squirrel!” and take off after it.  God won’t give up on you.  He won’t forget you.  He won’t leave you.  Ever.”  (Day 17)

That’s only a tiny taste for you of what comprises this most wonderful and encouraging devotional.

And now…my giveaway!

So who would be the perfect recipient of this lovely book, ADORED?

  • A young woman (whether she’s a teen or in her twenties)
  • A new believer, who needs to know the character and purposes of God
  • Any woman—even if she’s not the target audience—who’d like to know more about the amazing love that God has for us
  • A dad who’d like to bless his daughter with this incredible book
  • Or, anyone else whose heart is captured by the idea of ADORED

All you have to do to enter is to click on the pink “Enter Here!” below.  That will take you to the Giveaway Tools entry form.  Just follow the directions there!  One winner will be selected after the giveaway closes on 11/27/17.

Enter here!

Best wishes!  –Wren


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Win “Alpha/Omega,” the wonderful new CD from Kutless (ends 11/23/17)

Are you a fan of music that would fall into the rock/worship category?  If so, then I have a wonderful giveaway opportunity for you!  FlyBy/Propeller Promotions sent me a copy of Kutless’ newest release, Alpha/Omega.  My family enjoyed listening to it and I have a copy for one person to win!



Kutless is…

a rock/worship band that formed after members met at Warner Pacific College in 2000.  They signed with BEC Recordings in 2001 (talk about a short learning curve!  They hit their stride very quickly.)  Their combination of meaningful worship music, memorable vocals and fantastic musicianship has made them favorites of fans all over the world.  They even formed a nonprofit which allows them to provide free concerts and outreach events worldwide (for example, in Belarus and Ukraine).  These events have enabled 100,000 people to hear the Gospel…and 40,000 made decisions for Christ.

Their newest album (which someone will win a copy of!), Alpha/Omega, is a mixture of brand-new and familiar cover tracks which you’ll definitely recognize…even if you’re not (before now) a confirmed Kutless fan.


On the Alpha/Omega album…

you’ll find 10 songs, some new and some you’ll enjoy hearing new recordings of.  They are:

  • “Your Great Name”
  • “Strong Tower”
  • “King of My Heart”
  • “Cornerstone”
  • “You Are Lord”
  • “Great Are You Lord”
  • “Your Love Awakens Me”
  • “Shepherd of My Soul”
  • “Gave It All” (I Surrender All)
  • “No Wonder” (Roar of the Rugged Cross)

We listened to part of the Alpha/Omega CD during our family worship time one Sunday.  The CD is aptly named; as we read at the end of Revelation, chapter 22 and verse 13, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”  All of the songs on this CD direct our attention to God, to His faithfulness and love for us, to His constancy and presence.  I think it’s a CD that is fantastic for listening to under many circumstances; driving in the car, background music, or intentional listening.

Some of my favorite songs were:

  • “King of My Heart,” where I’m reminded that even when I’m in the dark of a night season, God is still holding on to me
  • “Cornerstone,” which combines the old hymn “My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less” with new lyrics.  Jesus is our Cornerstone, and we can rest in Him.
  • “Your Great Name,” which shares who and what God and Jesus are.  Alive, healers, the place where we can find our rest—and worthy.
  • And of course the reprisal of “Strong Tower.”  God is my fortress, the place I can run to in times of struggle or need.


And now…someone will win Kutless’ Alpha/Omega!

Just click on the pink “Enter here” below, which will take you to the Giveaway Tools entry form, where you can enter in a variety of ways.  Giveaway closes on Thanksgiving day–11/23/17.  Best wishes!

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Also, you can check out this video and purchasing info!

Landing page to buy/stream the record:
Video link:


Enjoy–and best wishes!  –Wren


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Enter to win a Kelly Rae Roberts Cover (for your e-reader) and Eye & Lip Goodies!

Hello friends!

To continue the celebration (see my last post), I have a fun and lovely giveaway for you this week!  I don’t know if you’ve heard of Kelly Rae Roberts, but she’s a mixed media artist that I’ve loved for years.  Some of her art has been turned into jewelry, scarves, prints, and other goodies.  And I’m going to be giving one of those goodies (and some other fun things) to one blessed reader!



One reader will win:

  • This Kelly Rae Roberts zippered fabric e-reader case (fits most e-readers at measurements of almost 8 1’2″ x 6 1/2″).  It’s pink on the front with one of Kelly Rae’s gorgeous designs plus the happy greeting, “Hello Inspiration.”   The zipper is a faux leather loop embellished with a pink tassel that matches the case.
  • Ulta Dual Ended Eye Liner in Cobalt and Blackout
  • Ulta Dual Ended Lip Liner in Flesh and My Berry
  • Ulta Mineral Lip Gloss in Sheer Opal

I’m just so happy to share my own joy–and this lovely gift–with you!  Simply click on the pink “Enter Here” link below, which will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form.  Giveaway will close on November 8, 2017.  Best wishes!

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Enjoy!  –Wren

And…the chemo has come to an end!

Hello dear ones!

I have some happy news to share with you!

The chemotherapy sessions have come to an end.  In fact, my last chemo session was on September 22.  That’s generally followed by about 3 weeks of not feeling that well.  But the chemo AND those 3 weeks are over and done with!

For the next two years, I’ll have a blood test done every 3 months accompanied by a doctor’s visit.  When I get through the two years without a negative test result (or positive, depending on how you’d phrase it) the doctor (who was my oncology surgeon and has overseen all of my treatment) will release me.

Woo hoo!

I’ll also have the port (that they administered the chemo thru) flushed every 5-6 weeks.  I’m not sure yet if they’ll take that out at the end of the two years or before that.

I have had some FANTASTIC days.  And others where I didn’t feel that great.  But I can tell that things are moving in a great direction.  I have even been able to cook dinner several times a week, which has made me (and no doubt my family) extremely happy!

We can tell that my hair is starting to grow back in.  (Although the PA said it’ll likely be March before I need an actual haircut.)  Still!  It’s still awesome!

All my thanks to each and every one of you for your support, prayers, and kind notes and comments.  I have appreciated it more than you’ll ever know.

I just wanted to let you know that things are looking good!  And to thank you!

Blessings– :)Wren

5 Things You Didn’t Know About…Kemi from Homemaking Organized

I only have a couple more blogging friends to introduce you as I begin to wrap up the FINCHNWREN summer series (now fall series) of 5 Things You Didn’t Know About…  Today, I’m featuring my friend Kemi from Homemaking Organized!



In 5 Things You Didn’t Know About…, I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite friends from the blogging world.  Each of them will tell you a little about themselves, how they recharge, what they’ve read and done over the summer.  Just lots of fun in bite-sized quantities!

Now, meet Kemi from Homemaking Organized!



1. Favorite summer activity:  This may sound crazy but just hanging out in my backyard. We get a nice breeze and I love to just sit back there on a quiet day and read. Of course if my daughter and her friends join me it’s no longer quiet!

2. Best book you’ve read this summer:  Ooh this is so hard! When it comes to books I think I have a problem. I just devour them. I normally like fiction because it’s like an escape but a few months ago I really enjoyed reading the story Bessie’s Pillow. Bessie’s Pillow is the story of a young Jewish Immigrant woman coming to America at the turn of the century and what her life was like in this new world. It’s really written for teens but I really enjoyed it. I have a review on the blog if you’re interested.

3. How do you renew your spirit/recharge your batteries? I’ve been needing to recharge for some time. We’ve been so busy and there is no let up. I’m many things to many people and I think I just need to run away. Happily, God blessed me with a neighbor who has become a close friend and sometimes I can just drop by and debrief with her. She’s also super busy so sometimes we just whine. In practical application sometimes I need to step back, make out a to do list, and start with prayer at the top.

4. Something cool God has taught you lately, or a favorite meaningful quote:
God has really taught me this year to extend Grace to those around me. This is a lesson I should have learned just from watching my husband but I’m a little hard headed so it’s taken a bit longer. God has really shown me that nobody is perfect and instead of casting so much judgement to have more grace.

5. This year, you’re looking forward to:   Our first camping trip as a family (I’m not really a camper and I’m just doing this because I love my family). Okay it wasn’t really a camping, out by ourselves in the woods type camping but it was church camp for the kids and that’s about as rustic as I go! It was a lot of fun. Like we’re still talking about it 2 months later fun. My daughter has grown out of that age group camp now so I have to figure out how to finagle an invitation to next year’s camp as a helper of some sort.


Hasn’t it been fun to get a peek inside Kemi’s life?  Please be sure to hop over to Homemaking Organized and visit some more with Kemi!  She has awesome posts on beautiful homemaking and home keeping, homeschooling, great reviews and giveaways too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy!  –Wren

Get a FREE Week of Freezer Meal Recipes & Helps in this Fall’s “Make One Freeze One” Challenge from MyFreezEasy!

**Affiliate links included.**

I know that y’all have heard me brag about MyFreezEasy and their incredible freezer meals plans.  And I have an amazing surprise for you!

This week is the Fall 2017 Make One Freeze One Challenge and you can get one week’s amazing freezer meal recipes from MyFreezEasy…..FREE!!




The fabulous MyFreezEasy

Have you ever wished that either meal planning or daily meal prep weren’t so complicated?  Or that you had healthy, delicious meals on hand that were quick and easy to prepare, or to throw into the crockpot in the mornings?

I certainly have.  That’s why I was seriously ecstatic to be introduced to MyFreezEasy last fall.  You see, I am often pretty tired at the end of the day…or else I’m not feeling creative when it comes to putting something on the dinner table for myself and my family.  But when I learned how to prepare 5-10 meals in a couple of hours by adding the recipes’ ingredients together in different freezer ziploc bags and popping them into the freezer, our family’s evening mealtimes were truly revolutionized.  All I had to do each evening (or morning, if it was a crockpot recipe) was thaw, heat and serve.  Everything that I needed was right there in bags in my freezer!

And this week, you can try MyFreezEasy absolutely free of charge (!) in the Fall 2017 Make One Freeze One Challenge.   It starts today, October 16, and you can get a week’s worth of 5 meals that you can make and freeze or even double so that you’re making 10.

What is the Make One Freeze One Challenge?

Fall 2017 Make One Freeze One Challenge is your opportunity to get a week’s worth of freezer meal recipes, shopping lists, and labels.  You can select from these different meal plans:

  • Traditional Freezer Meal Plan
  • Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal Plan
  • Freezer to Instant Pot Meal Plan

Each of these contains 5 meals plans which can be doubled to give you 10 freezer meals.  Each plan also has shopping lists for each recipe, complete instructions for the freezer meal prep, and printable labels that you can stick on the outsides of your freezer bags.


What kinds of recipes will you find in the meal plans?

Yummy, easy-to-prepare, family-friendly, delicious ones!  The recipes include a huge variety of meal types (stove-top prep, oven-baked, even foil packs) and different protein types.  Do these whet your appetite?

  • Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Street Tacos
  • Instant Pot Beef and Black Bean Chili
  • Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken
  • Hawaiian Meatloaf
  • Basil Balsamic Chicken
  • and many more!



How do you join in the Challenge and get your free meal plans?

Simply click on the link to Fall 2017 Make One Freeze One Challenge or the banners above.  They’ll take you to the MyFreezEasy page where you can sign up.  You’ll enter your first name and email address, select the free plan you’re interested in, and MyFreezEasy will send you a zip file which includes all the recipes, the shopping list and the labels.

All you have to do at that point is go shopping, then come home and prepare your meals!  (Of course if you like, you can also prepare them day by day as you need them.  Either way works.)

I seriously adore….

and I definitely want to hear about your experiences!  So come back and comment on this post after you’ve given it a try.  Let me know what you think!

Lots of love…and enjoy!  –Wren