The beautiful “The Secret Garden Devotional” ~ this is one you’ll want for your own quiet times! (review & GA, ends 12/7/22)

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If you are anything like me (and I’m guessing you might be, since I’m clearly a book lover and you must be as well, if you’re reading this post), you adore good fiction in its many forms. The the book-loving pump was primed for me when much-loved relatives read me storybooks over and over, from my tiny child years on. When I learned to read to myself, it was if a door for joy and delight opened in my life. And, I never looked back.

I remember clearly the effect the book, The Secret Garden, had on me. Despite the fact that it starts with a tragedy and its protagonist is (at the beginning at least) an unlikable little girl–this classic masterwork of literature caught me squarely in its lovely narrative and pulled me along in, as Mary Lennox herself might say, its rich Magic. And now, author Rachel Dodge has taken this much-beloved childhood book and created an engaging and inspiring devotional based on it. Keep reading for more (including a giveaway!) plus my own review.

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The Secret Garden Devotional

Title: The Secret Garden Devotional Author: Rachel Dodge Publisher: Barbour Release Date: December 6, 2022 Genre: Devotional

Devotional Inspiration from Mary Lennox’s Beautifully Mysterious Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Devotional offers lovely inspiration that explores the themes of faith, family, contentment, wisdom, and joy in the classic Frances Hodgson Burnett novel, cherished by generations of readers. Each reading corresponds with a chapter from the book and invites you to embrace God’s guiding hand in your life as you are becoming His new creation. With themes of growth, spiritual nourishment, God’s love and care, and His transforming power, this beautiful chapter-by-chapter devotional includes original artwork throughout. Each reading includes examples from the novel, scripture, life application, and prayers perfect for groups, book clubs, or personal reflection.

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Rachel Dodge

Rachel Dodge is the bestselling author of the award-winning Anne of Green Gables Devotional, The Little Women Devotional, and Praying with Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen. Rachel’s newest book is The Secret Garden Devotional! Rachel teaches college English classes, gives talks at libraries, teas, and book clubs, and is a writer for the popular Jane Austen’s World blog. She is passionate about encouraging and equipping women to grow closer to Jesus through prayer and the study of God’s Word. A true kindred spirit at heart, Rachel enjoys books, bonnets, and ball gowns.

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My thoughts

Oh my friends. Sometimes there is beauty in books that just makes you stop, ponder, and appreciate. The Secret Garden is one of those books. How fitting that Rachel Dodge’s The Secret Garden Devotional is, as well!

Mary Lennox’s story, although I’d never have realized it when I was a child myself, can be viewed as an archetype of the lives of humans before they step into lives of faith, and during and after that step, as Jesus begins to transform them and make them more like Himself. Mary is (for many understandable reasons) disagreeable, selfish, argumentative; generally quite unlikable! But Mary’s journey doesn’t end with her tragedy. The journey continues to what looks like, at first, an also very disagreeable place; to a huge dark mansion in the middle of forbidding-looking moors. That still isn’t looking so great–but oh, the transformation in Mary as she begins to live her new life! And she’s not the only one who has a transformation. Beautiful change is coming not only for Mary and the humans around her, but for the place she lives as well.

So Rachel takes this lovely story and breaks it down, bit by bit, into devotional illustrations for us, from Mary’s life. She uses Scripture generously to show us the beauty available in the walk of the believer as we see the blossoming of the secret garden at Misselthwaite. Her chapters cover so many things that we face as believers; joy, answered prayers, difficulty, the nearness of our Father–and so much more.

“Hebrews 4:16 (NKJV) says, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” As a follower of Christ, you now have access to God’s throne of grace. As you come before Him with a humble heart, asking for His will to be done, don’t be bashful–and don’t leave anything out. Go to God with your eager, anxious requests. Run to Him freely and quickly with your every need, with your greatest fears, and with your wildest dreams. Ask Him to expand your territory and give you a “bit of earth” to tend.”

The Secret Garden Devotional, Rachel Dodge

Are you needing a fresh breath of life in your quiet times; a reminder of God’s deep, abiding, indescribable love for you? Then I recommend this lovely book for you. It will encourage and strengthen you even as you are re-established in the beauty available in the life of a Christ-follower; even if you feel that you’ve lost that sense of beauty for awhile. Be reminded that God is for us, and He is always with us. The Secret Garden Devotional will walk with you down that beautiful path where the garden of our soul-lives can be tended, refreshed, and brought back to life by the hand of Jesus, the master Gardener.

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

The Abide Bible (NET) ~ let creativity bless your quiet times (a review & giveaway, ends 12/4/22)

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I’m blessed to get to share my favorite Bible with you today–and, you’ll also have a chance to win your own copy! Momentum Influencer Network provided a boxed copy of the gorgeous Abide Bible (NET) for me. It is the most beautiful way to engage with Scripture. Let me share my thoughts, and keep an eye out for the giveaway!

About the Abide Bible

The Abide Bible was created by Bible Gateway and Taylor University’s Center for Scriptural Engagement to enable readers to draw closer to God, via 5 creative practices: Praying Scripture; Picture It (imagine yourself a bystander to Bible passages); Journaling; Engage Through Art; Contemplate (read, meditate on, pray, and contemplate Bible passages). These practices are detailed throughout each Bible book and keyed to verse segments, with easy-to-follow directions.

The Abide Bible is available in the New English Translation, which is very readable. This cover is the Leathersoft Stone version. The binding allows the Bible to lay open and stay open for reading or study. There are two satin ribbon bookmarks and golden edging on the pages. Each Bible book has a wonderful introduction that includes the historical and literary context (detailing the book’s key verses), as well as defining what the reader can do for heart preparation before reading. There’s also a 365-day Bible reading plan.

From the publisher:

“Transform your personal Bible devotions into intimate, ongoing conversations with God with various Scripture engagement approaches that keep Bible reading fresh and new…”

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

John 15:4, The Holy Bible (NIV)

“…Do you yearn for life-giving, intimate communion with God? The Abide Bible is designed to help you experience the peace, hope, and growth that comes from encountering the voice and presence of God in Scripture. Every feature in Abide is designed to teach and develop Scripture-engagement habits that help you know the power and spiritual nourishment of abiding in Christ.”

My experiences with Abide

Have you ever had the experience when you were given the perfect gift–except it was one you didn’t know you needed or wanted?

That has been the Abide Bible for me. It is TRULY my favorite. I love how works of paintings, sculpture, and photography are placed alongside Bible verses that they give some illustration to.

For example, the painting above, “Landscape with a Sunlit Stream,” is paired with Jeremiah 17:7-8, which talks about how the Lord blesses those who trust in Him. These verses tells readers how He will make them like a tree planted near a stream, with roots spread toward the water, which never has to fear in time of drought and will never stop bearing fruit. The “Engage Through Art” in the footer below the verses gives a description of the painting itself, then what the painter hoped to accomplish through his art and style. Then, it gives some gentle direction for the Bible reader on the verses. The result for me is a wonderful meditative experience. This use of art alongside Scripture provided a brand-new way for me to think on and absorb the Bible.

Another creative practice I enjoy in the Abide Bible is the Journaling exercise, which offers readers a Bible passage, then questions for reflection and writing. These are not surface-level questions or ideas, yet they’re ones that Bible readers both experienced and new will be able to take in.

I enjoy the Praying Scripture portions as well. I love praying Bible verses already and have really enjoyed how the Abide Bible expands this practice for me. These exercises tell us a little more about the Bible books and verses, plus more about what the God-inspired writers were facing in their cultures and times. All of these provide more insight and depth for my prayer times and my God experiences and connections. And the Contemplate exercises, which have as a practice faithfully stood the test of time for believers, can help those who don’t feel that they understand how to utilize meditation as a Christian exercise. Last but not least, the Picture It portions allow us as believers to think upon and to imagine what it might have been like to be an eyewitness to the events recorded in Scripture. All of these together can help us all, in our busy, schedule-driven lives, to stop and actually, intentionally, *be* with the Lord.

I need that, so deeply. What about you?

The Abide Experience: 21 Days in John (free!)

You can also sign up for a free devotional video series featuring the general editor of the Abide Bible, Dr. Phil Collins. When you sign up, you’ll receive daily video devotions via email. You’ll also be able to download free the Abide Bible’s book of John for the study! These will be centered around the five methods of Scripture engagement utilized in this Bible.

The Abide Experience: 21 Days in John

Enter to win the Abide Bible

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Enjoy! –Wren


Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Bibles for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

“The Marriage Devotional” by Levi and Jennie Lusko: a review

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I have a marvelous new devotional for couples to tell you about today! It’s The Marriage Devotional from Levi and Jennie Lusko. I’ve read books from the Lusko family before, and I’ve so enjoyed their honesty, love, and devotion to Christ. If you’re looking for a wonderful devotional you can do with your spouse, look no further–I think this could be the one you’re looking for!

About this devotional and its authors, from the publisher

Great marriages are made, not born.

This devotional was written by Levi Lusko who is the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church, a multi-site church in Montana and Utah. Author of Swipe Right and Through the Eyes of a Lion.  Together with his wife, Jennie Lusko they created this devotional to help YOUR marriage flourish.  

Levi and Jennie are committed to strong marriages and have been on Focus on the Family to talk about how marriages can and should flourish.

In these 52 devotions, Levi and Jennie will point you to God’s word and help you experience a depth and beauty you may have never thought possible. Whether your marriage needs fine tuning, or to be torn back to the studs and be rebuilt, this devotional will help you:

  • Unlock new joy and vibrancy by recognizing there is better beyond the honeymoon phase
  • Uncomplicate conflict as you learn to fight fairly as members on the same team
  • Access Godly wisdom by engaging and staying steady when your marriage doesn’t look the way you thought it would

Perfect for newlyweds and seasoned married couples, this devotional journey will be the encouragement your marriage—not just any marriage—needs to flourish.

God wants you to have a strong, thriving, and fun marriage. Even in the midst of mortgage payments, emotional baggage, drama, mistakes, and a whole lot of laundry, your marriage can not only survive, but be sweet, steady, and strong.

What you’ll find in The Marriage Devotional

I love the subtitle of this book: “52 Days to Strengthen the Soul of Your Marriage.” Because life is BUSY, isn’t it? Work schedules. Kids’ schedules. Bill payments. Extended family relationships. Friendships in town and out of town. And that’s not even including all the screens we live with (you know, on our phones, tvs, tablets, etc.). They are also distracting. And yet, we really do want to find the time to be with our spouses.

The Luskos’ rich devotional is designed to give us that time together, for considering our marriages, for praying together, for looking at Scripture, for considering all the things that make up a union. There are 12 parts of devotional sections, each with 3-5 devotions. Sometimes the portions are written by Jennie, sometimes by Levi, and sometimes by the two together. And these cover a LOT. Such as:

  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Sex
  • Blessings
  • Really *seeing* each other
  • And more

There are prayers to pray together. Questions that will really put you on the spot (which is a good thing, even if it doesn’t sound like it). Spaces to write notes. Conversation starters. Scriptures. Stories. Really fun quotation pages, which have brown backgrounds and white lettering.

All of these are designed to help couples to lovingly dig a little deeper; to go to the spaces below the surface areas we often tend to live. (See that busy-ness paragraph above.) Also, they remind us of the tender and loving things that God thinks about us, about our marriages, and how He, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are right there to help.

My impressions

WHAT a wonderful devotional.

I’ve been married for a minute. And sometimes I can hardly believe that it has been 20-plus years. I feel as though I know my husband pretty well. But in the busy-ness of life, it can happen that conversations might not touch the really deep parts of our souls. We talk about the meals for the week; the work schedule; the tuition schedule for our child’s college; the oil and windshield wiper fluids in our cars. All those things, and more, are parts of our lives and certainly parts we need. What about the care and feeding of our marriages, though; and the soul care of each of us, individually?

The answer to those questions are some that, according to your bent (or Myers-Briggs, or Enneagram types), you may either find easy or difficult to access. That’s part of the reason why I appreciate the Luskos’ book so much. They’re not afraid to dig into the deep parts of caring for our spouses–bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. Just taking the time to read these devotional chapters together, and doing the work of asking and answering the questions, looking at the Scriptures, and praying together–all of these are things that can draw us even closer to each other–and to God.

Here are some of my favorite moments from The Marriage Devotional:

  • “Childlike wonder and enthusiasm start to restore our relationships. And as we lift our eyes to Jesus, we start to see Him in each other. When you look for Jesus, you’ll find Him–and He wants to be found by you (Matthew 7:7-8). He longs to have a relationship with you.” (p. 125)
  • In the prayer on p. 59: “…Help us see that what we have is beautiful and strong. And help us see the potential in us as we create margin in our relationship…”
  • “He’s looking for us to invite Him into every corner of our lives–and also offer Him the ingredients for a miracle. They are always within reach. God uses what we have and, more importantly, what we give Him.” (p. 50)
  • “Once you see the significance of the way you are created, you realize that God is still excited about the detail of who you are and who your spouse is–building you up, individually and together. And your job as a spouse is to stay curious about who you are and what God made you for–and how you and your spouse creatively complement each other. We need to fight to see the significance of our better halves sometimes.” (pp. 305-306)

Doing this devotional together: it’s good and healthy work, in my opinion. And it’s work that can bless you and your spouse, as well as your family overall. It’s personal, and it’s intimate. Spend the time. Ask the questions. And God bless you!

Where you can purchase The Marriage Devotional

You can find The Marriage Devotional at Amazon. Just follow the purchase link below!

Purchase The Marriage Devotional here

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author. All opinions shared here are my own.

“Where Is God In This?” ~ book review

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Is “Where are you, God?” a question that ever resounds in your heart? If your answer is “yes,” as mine was, you’ll want to hear about Landra Young Hughes’ honest, helpful, and heart-touching new book, Where Is God In This? Thanks to Landra and JustRead Publicity Tours, I was able to read (and highlight!) this wonderful book. Let me tell you about it!

From the publisher:

Title: Where Is God in This?
Authors: Landra Young Hughes and Holly Crawshaw
Publisher: Baker Books
Release Date: October 18, 2022
Genre: Christian Living

Life is unfair. Bad things happen to good people. Not all dreams come true. We lose people. We fail people. And when we encounter the inevitable struggles of life, we may be tempted to ask God Why me? as we try to reconcile our pain with God’s promises. But a far more helpful and life-enriching question for us to ask God is What are you trying to teach me in this?

Tackling ten common struggles, such as isolation, fear, rejection, failure, insecurity, temptation, and more, Landra Young Hughes shows you how to have peace even when life doesn’t make sense. Speaking with great empathy born from her own losses and years in ministry, Hughes doesn’t suggest you “get over” your hard times. Instead, she helps you recognize that, while you will always live in a broken world this side of heaven, your pain has much to teach you about God and yourself. With her empathetic help, you’ll discover how to grow through grief and thrive despite adversity.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Baker Bookhouse | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub

My rich experience reading Where Is God In This?

So I have to admit, ANYONE who starts a chapter with these words:

“Y’all, I give you my word, I am not a pyromaniac. But I almost burned down my parents’ house the other day. This is a totally true story.”

Landra Young Hughes, Where Is God In This?

…is an author I want to hear more from.

It *isn’t* that I like to read true crime stories about arson. (Just no. I don’t like true crime books. AT ALL.) What those sentences told me? That Landra is honest about her own life and struggles–and that she can tell her stories with great warmth and humor. Which encourages me so much as I read a book about pain and the issues of life that we wish we didn’t have to deal with. Where Is God In This? had so much to share with its readers about those deep issues (including failure, forgiveness, addictions, loss, and more). Isn’t it encouraging when an author can speak about human beings’ troubles in ways that make you want to keep reading?

Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of suffering, we have an understanding somewhere in our hearts that we can make it to the other side. We just don’t always (or often!) know HOW. (I can tell you from personal experience that gutting it out is not necessarily a healthy way.) And yet faithful friends, wise mentors or counselors, or members of our communities can offer us practical ways. Where Is God In This? completely offers this! But that practical help was hard-won by Landra. She lost a beloved sister to an addiction. She is a PK (preacher’s kid), is in ministry, has overcome her own eating disorder, and is a busy mom and wife. She has experienced devastating pain, pressure, and loss…

…and yet. And yet God was there for her–and she held on to Him, while being utterly honest with Him about her own pain and struggles. This, at its heart, is what makes this book SO worth reading. It’s loving, kind, funny, and so full of the kind of help I wish I had had years ago! But it is also something that is incredibly useful and comforting to me today. I can apply it to my life looking back AND in the present; and I can remember that our God is a God we can trust. And know that He has our hearts in His hand and beautiful intentions for our lives.

I highlighted so many passages that I want to incorporate into my journey. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • “Have you lost your health? Have you lost your dream? Have you lost faith in someone you trusted or faith in the entire country?…I lost…But I know my God. And I know he is good. Because of that, I can be certain that he will not waste my suffering. He will not waste any suffering–including yours.”
  • “In Mark 11:23, we read about the kind of belief we’re capable of through Christ: “What I’m about to tell you is true. Suppose someone says to this mountain, ‘Go and throw yourself into the sea.’ They must not doubt in their heart. They must believe that what they say will happen. Then it will be done for them.”…Let’s start speaking God’s Word into our struggles. Instead of blaming him or withdrawing from him, let’s partner with him by believing what his Word says.”
  • “If you’re feeling burned out right now, take a beat…Finally, Jesus, perhaps struck by empathy, issued an invitation to all those listening: “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover from your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me–watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” (Matt. 11:28-30 MSG) There it is–our situation to the burnout epidemic. Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out? Jesus says, Come to me.”
  • “One way to reframe our opinions of others is to recognize that we all value different things. Just because someone’s values vary from our own doesn’t mean they’re bad people. It just means that they have different priorities.”
  • “So if Jesus required rest, we require rest.”

My own personal journey, recently, has helped me to focus a bit more on two things, the essences of which seem to run throughout Where Is God In This? One of them is how important it is that we get some rest; so important for us to be able to see clearly, to make good decisions, to love our people. The other is something that makes my heart grow warmer: how tender and kind Jesus really is. Even (and maybe especially) when we are suffering.

If those are things that speak to you? Watch for Jesus’s words and actions in Scriptures. And, maybe read Landra Young Hughes’ lovely book. What an encouragement!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Brittany Ann’s newest book, “Follow God’s Will,” is a joyful & fantastic way for you to understand God’s love & leading! ~ Review & Giveaway (ends 10/24/22)

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I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read Brittany Ann’s newest book–and to tell you about it! Follow God’s Will is a rich, readable book which will help believers understand God’s very good plan for their lives. Let me tell you more. And you’ll even be able to enter to win your own copy of Follow God’s Will!

About Follow God’s Will

Have you ever wondered if you were following God’s plan for your life…or if you were missing it completely? If you have, you’re not alone! Brittany Ann’s Follow God’s Will offers a clear explanation to readers of what God’s will for our lives is, starting with the very broad and narrowing it to the most specific for each individual. Each chapter includes some Bible study which will help readers understand not only what God has in mind for them, but how that fits into the universal Christian church overall.

The book is divided into two portions; Discover God’s Will, and Follow God’s Will. There are 12 chapters, including:

  • The Two Greatest Commandments
  • The Four Calls on Every Christian’s Life
  • Understanding God’s Written Word
  • Making Wise Decisions
  • Cultivating Spiritual Disciplines
  • Witnessing with Truth and Love
  • Cultivating a Faith-Filled Mindset
  • And more

Brittany draws her inspiration in sharing what we can know about God’s plan for our lives from the Bible. Follow God’s Will is both beautiful and highly practical. It’s beautiful because, I believe, it represents God and His character so very well. God is not a harsh taskmaster, nor an angry supervisor who shakes his finger at us every time we get things wrong. Instead, He is more loving, and kinder, than most of us could imagine. He invites us into relationship with Him, tells us how Jesus made the way for us to do so, and welcomes us with a warm embrace. And then He gives us the Holy Spirit to help us, teach us, and comfort us!

Follow God’s Will is also a practical guide for helping believers (both newbies and experienced ones) understand, Scripturally, what God’s will is for us. This will is both general (love God and love people) and very specific, according to the Word’s instructions for Christian discipleship, and then even more personal according to the gifts, opportunities, and abilities that He has given to each one.

My thoughts and experiences with Follow God’s Will



And that is amazing.

You know, we ALL want to know God’s plan for our lives. Often, we feel as though it is this huge mystery that maybe, just maybe, we’ll stumble upon somehow. When all the time, God, the good Father, has purposed a lovely, personal plan for each of us that has noted who we are, what we’re good at, the special spiritual gifts He’s placed in us, and the moment in history where we’re living–and what our life can look like as the Holy Spirit in us guides us and leads us.

Reading Brittany Ann’s book was such a rich and personal experience. I love the orderly way she describes living out God’s plan. She shares Scriptures, her own experiences, and God’s good intention for the church as a whole, and for us as part of that church in His unfolding plan.

I found myself doing a lot of highlighting and tabbing important thoughts and pages. I did the mini-Bible study that is included several times in each chapter, under the headings “Dive Deeper into Scripture.” That made the experience even more meaningful and personal (plus gave me some new Bible verses that I’m putting on cards to meditate on further).

Are you familiar with the Bible verse, 1 John 5:3? Here it is:

In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome,

The Bible, New International Version, 1 John 5:3

I forget that. A lot! But here’s something amazing about being God’s children: He cherishes us. He is a kind and loving Father. And He reminds us again and again of this truth, as He is leading us every single day, in the opportunities, relationships, callings, and moments that we have.

As I read Follow God’s Will, I was reminded of God’s personal plan for me, as He has revealed it over the course of my life. (And as He continues to reveal it!) His plan for me is good. But more than that–IT IS NOT BURDENSOME. He is kind. He is loving and gentle. And He invites me again and again, back to Him, and His goodness. His directions and plans for me will build on what He’s already done in my life; they will be those that I can sometimes even recognize; and, while they or life might be challenging at times, God will be there with me to help me carry them out.

Now THAT is the kind of reminder that I need–shared wonderfully in just the book that I want to read. I loved Follow God’s Will. And I think you will too.

Where you can purchase Follow God’s Will

You can purchase Follow God’s Will on Amazon. Just click on the link below!

Purchase link for Follow God’s Will

About the author, Brittany Ann

Brittany Ann is an ECPA bestselling author of Fall in Love with God’s Word, speaker, and the founder of Equipping Godly Women – a popular Christian-living website featured by CBN, the Christian Post, Crosswalk, and others.

You can find Brittany Ann online at:

Now–enter to win your own copy!

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Enter here!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from The BlogAbout Blogger Network. All opinions are my own honest ones.

Lovely book shows kids God is right there with them! “You Can Shine So Bright!” ~ a JustRead Blog Tour (& giveaway, ends 8/30/22)

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You Can Shine So Bright JustRead Blog Tour Welcome to the Blog Tour for You Can Shine So Bright! by Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


You Can Shine So Bright

Title: You Can Shine So Bright! Author: Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo Publisher: WorthyKids Release Date: August 23, 2022 Genre: Christian, Children’s Picture Book

Help little ones learn to live by faith and love others well with this picture book from beloved television stars Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

This sweet and inspiring book encourages children to let their light shine as they move about the world. As they read along, little readers will be introduced to the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22–23. Written in lighthearted verse, the story follows a group of children as they model love, joy, patience, peace, and more in everyday, relatable scenarios. This book, straight from the heart of the Vuolos, is perfect for families looking for a faith-based story to share together.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Indie Bound | Christianbook


Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are known for living out their faith and family values during their years of television stardom. Jinger first appeared on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and later, the couple appeared together on Counting On. Hailing from Springdale, Arkansas, and part of the Duggar family, Jinger is an avid home cook, gifted pianist, and violinist who uses her talents to support the non-profit organization Swan 4 Kids. Jeremy is a former professional soccer player from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, now enrolled in the graduate program at The Master’s Seminary. The Vuolos live in Los Angeles, California, with their two children.

Connect with Jinger and Jeremy at their website to follow them on social media or sign up for their newsletter


(1) winner will receive signed copies of You Can Shine So Bright, The Hope We Hold, and a $50 Visa gift card. (9) additional winners will receive signed copies of You Can Shine So Bright and The Hope We Hold.

You Can Shine So Bright JustRead Giveaway

Full tour schedule linked below. The giveaway begins at midnight August 23, 2022 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on August 30, 2022. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

Giveaway is subject to the policies found here.


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My thoughts on You Can Shine So Bright!

What a precious book!

If you are like me, and want to share about God and His love to your little ones, you’ve spent a lot of time reading Bible stories and children’s Bibles to them. You’ve probably shared the gospel with them. You Can Shine So Bright! is a beautiful book addition to what you’re already teaching your children. This picture book, with its cheerful and happy illustrations, takes Galatians 5:22-23 and illustrates in words and pictures what a life lived with God’s Holy Spirit can look like–in kid version!

Let me remind you what this verse says:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against things like this.

Galatians 5:22-23, CEB (Common English Bible)

I think we all love this verse–and we want our lives to show this! Authors Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo and illustrator Naomi C. Robinson take the qualities of the fruit of the Spirit and break them down, one by one, so that little eyes and ears can imagine them lived out in kid lives. (I’d take this a step further and say that this book will also inspire the adults who are reading this to their kiddos!) Each particular fruit is given two facing pages, plus rhyming verses which show kids living out the fruit in word and deed.

The verse, or poetry, on each page provides a rhythm which is cheerful and jaunty for read-alouds. The illustrations are bright and lovely and perfectly suited to this upbeat book about, at its heart, Christian living. The art shows children of many colors and even kids with disabilities, reaching out to others and showing the the Spirit’s work in their lives. I’ve included some of the pages here, although you’ll have to get a copy of You Can Shine So Bright! for yourself to see my own personal favorite (faithfulness).

I just loved this book. It takes verses about Christian living and makes them very personal and relatable to the reader. It shows that each of us, especially kids, can live a life of love and Spirit-directed care to others, whether they are siblings, friends, neighbors, grandparents, and even animals! Best of all, it tells children two important things:

  • Jesus doesn’t only love us when we’re good; He loves us even when we totally mess up!
  • And all of these beautiful qualities (or fruits) come from Him living in us, and working through us. We don’t generate them on our own, nor do we have to.

What a joy! God totally loves us–and we can live a life of love with His power in us.

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Encouraging book on the end times: “Global Reset” (a review)

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Do you read books that explore the prophetic books in the Bible–or those about the end times? FrontGate Media provided one for me that was an exemplary read; full of encouragement and Scripture. It’s co-written by Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley, and it’s called Global Reset.

How my reading began

Global Reset and I had a bit of a rocky start.

You see, I caught a horrible summer cold or virus a few weeks ago. (Not corona.) But, it sent me to bed for a good 35+ hours.

I thought that a cup of coffee would be nice to have one morning as I rested. So I filled my cup, went back upstairs, and as I walked toward the bed the cup and its handle separated themselves. (Kind of like when you see someone slice off the top of a champagne bottle with a katana.) I was left holding the handle and the (FULL) cup of coffee and half-and-half fell to the ground, spewing its contents all over the carpet and my stack of books beside the bed. Including Global Reset, which was drenched.

I hollered for help, my husband came running, and we grabbed towels and wipes and cleaned the liquid from the carpet and off the books. So Global Reset had to dry. And when it did and I could begin to read, I discovered that the book starts with an art theft that has always been one of the saddest stories to me, an aficionado and former teacher of art. So yes, that was rocky. (Also, it was my favorite cup.) I might have been predisposed to have an attitude about this book simply because of those things. But, I read, and continued to read.

a favorite passage–with coffee stain

What I discovered as I read

The authors do begin the book by describing some current events that we’ve all lived through in recent years (coronavirus, etc.). These current events serve as a springboard to discuss what the book is actually about: what the Bible says about the end times, and specifically, about these Biblical teachings deriving from Revelation, Daniel, Matthew, and Ezekiel, among others:

  • The rapture, the Tribulation, and the church
  • The mark of the Beast (what the Bible says it is and what it is NOT) and the Antichrist
  • Nations and their mentions in the Bible (spoiler: America is not one of them)
  • How current events *might* be setting the stage for these future events
  • And what, perhaps most importantly, Christ-followers should be doing in light of these

The effect the book had on me

The more I read of Global Reset, the more it moved me. Now. I am not a Bible scholar, but I am a woman who’s loved studying the Bible inductively. I believe, deeply, that one must allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. This can be done by looking at the original Hebrew and Greek (for me, that means with dictionaries and concordances), and by cross-referencing verses which speak about the same topics. Also, one considers what the verses meant to the original audience. At this point, one can utilize commentaries by Bible scholars. But if one is inductively studying the Bible, it helps to leave the opinions of others until personal study is concluded.

I don’t know personally what Hitchcock’s and Kinley’s study methods were. But I do believe, after reading Global Reset, that they handle the Scriptures and these prophetic passages (which, let’s face it, are some of the most difficult to interpret by readers) carefully and respectfully, not utilizing verses willy-nilly or to prove their own points.

I believe that Global Reset is a book which will encourage believers about the end times, about the order of events in that era, and about what Christians can do in light of these teachings. Because isn’t that the point? I don’t think that God put these verses in His Word to terrify Christians and cause us to focus on our own personal fears about these end-time events. Rather, I think it is so that we know what is coming–and so that we can live accordingly, sharing Jesus and His love and salvation with those who don’t know Him. And following Him and loving Him ourselves.

Some of my favorite passages

You know if you read my reviews, that I love including meaningful book passages so that readers can get a taste of the books I’m sharing. Here are some of the parts of Global Reset that I loved!

  • “This should bring supreme comfort to everyone who reads these words. What we are seeing played out before our eyes is part of the divine script leading to the coming of Jesus Christ…And the same God who rules time and nations rules the intimate details of your life and mine.” (p. 74)
  • “If you are running low on hope these days, set aside time often to think about the world to come. Take time to read Revelation 20-22, develop an eternal perspective, and seek to live a righteous live in view of what lies ahead.” (p. 163)
  • “[We are to be] looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13, emphasis added)…Waiting. Looking. Purifying. Exactly what you would expect a loving bride to do.” (p. 131)
  • “Never, in all my sorrows, did my Lord draw nearer to me, and speak more soothingly to my soul, than when the moonlight flickered among these chestnut leaves, and the night air played on my throbbing brow, as I told all my heart to Jesus. Alone, yet not alone!” (Missionary John G. Paton’s account of hiding in a tree after having fled for his life; p. 177-178)

What hope these passages stir up in me! So often I forget (as Paton shares in his quote) that Jesus is waiting for me to tell all my heart to Him. All my hurts and sorrows; my confusion and pain; and yes, also my joys. He is the best and most intimate Friend to us.

And finally, Global Reset‘s impact on me, a reader

I read a lot of books, as you might imagine, as a book reviewer. They’re often fun, or full of helpful advice or ideas. But sometimes, a book will impact me at the deepest heart level. And Global Reset is that kind of book.

What I felt as I moved closer to the final pages of Global Reset is that it is a book that makes me love Jesus more; that it inspires me to draw closer to Him and more deeply into His Word. It made a difference in my own faith, seeing the end time events and all their accompanying Scriptures laid out in order. It caused me to see God and His love in a deeper and quite significant way; and His tender love for us all. It is drawing me to a place of closer study of the Scriptures. And, I believe it can do the same thing for you.

THAT is incredibly wonderful and amazing to me!

Where you can purchase

You can find Global Reset on Amazon at the link below.

Purchase Global Reset here

Enjoy–and be blessed! –Wren

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own honest ones.

New from Grace Valentine: “What Will They Think?” ~ a review

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When FrontGate Media offered me the chance to review Grace Valentine’s newest book, I was thrilled. I am so happy to share my thoughts and impressions of What Will They Think? I highly recommend it to my readers–especially to the women, both younger and older, who will feel that Grace is speaking to their own hearts.

About What Will They Think?

In this inspiring guide for young women, Grace Valentine shines a spotlight on nine courageous women in the Bible who lived their faith boldly. In a world that pressures you to seek validation from others, learn to focus on what truly matters.

“What will they think?” – It’s a question that consumes many women and may even stop them from living the lives God has called them to live. Whether it’s don’t be too loud, don’t be too aggressive, or your role is to be a sidekick for men, women struggle to live a life that is about pleasing others—but Scripture describes women who actually did the opposite.

In this third release from popular blogger and podcaster Grace Valentine, What Will They Think? features the stories of nine incredible women in the Bible, including Esther, Deborah, Sarah, Mary Magdalene, and Tabitha. These women did not bend to peer pressure or seek to people-please but instead turned their focus on God.

What Will They Think? contains:

• Inspiring and motivating stories of strong women who lived courageously in their faith
• Practical steps on how to stop caring what others think and focus on what truly matters
• Personal stories from Grace’s life and her own struggle to stop focusing on the opinions of others

For inspiration found in the lives of these biblical heroes, What Will They Think? provides steps to finding freedom to live life boldly and to stop caring about what others might think.

My thoughts about this book

I love Grace Valentine’s voice! She is delightful to read, so fun and so relatable. But most important, if we’re reading a book that deals with both Scripture and our own relationships with God, we’d want to know that this author is a woman who’s poured time into Bible study and pursuing her own relationship with the Lord. Well, we do see the excellent results of that in this book! What Will They Think? tells readers Grace’s observations and study about 9 important women in the Bible; how God pursued them and how they responded. And, how their examples can inspire women today to boldly live for God, to love Him, and to love others.

Grace shares the story of nine women:

  • Esther
  • Deborah
  • Sarah and Hagar
  • Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • The Woman at the Well and The Woman Who Touched Jesus’ Cloak
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Tabitha

Then, each of these chapters is followed with a chapter that tells readers 5 things that we can draw from these women’s lives, faith, character, and choices.

Honestly, this book was a delight to read. I read so many things that inspired me, encouraged me, and clearly showed me truths to apply in my life where I needed to grow, didn’t understand God’s love for me, or reminded me of a topic I’ve run into a lot lately: joy. In the era we’re living in, when 2020 included COVID and staying at home (a LOT), and 2021 just seemed like an overflow of the previous year, I have seen anxiety seem to skyrocket (just watch the news), conspiracy theories abound, and meanness appear all over the place. And yet I remember seasons in my own life where joy abounded; when I was happy in my work; and when my trust of and enjoyment of the Lord was at a high.

Maybe you too, as I do, feel that you’d like to do a reset of your life, your faith, and your relationship with God. I believe that you would find What Will They Think? to be a fantastic encouragement and a huge help for that, as you look at the lives of these Bible women and apply the lessons they learned (and more!) to your own life and walk. I so recommend this beautiful book. (Plus–Grace’s voice is a delight. She’s honest, vulnerable, and fun–and a fantastic Bible student!)

Some of my favorite moments from What Will They Think?

I have many segments of this book highlighted and marked with washi tape. Here are some of my favorites!

  • “You, too, were created to step into God’s best, not to shrivel up to fit (or rather be squeezed) into the world’s box for you. Esther had faith, but she did not have control. You may feel like you don’t have control over a lot of your circumstances due to a health issue, your family, your past, your looks, or your financial state, but you do have your voice. And your voice gives you the power to be there for “such a time as this.” (p. 12)
  • “But God isn’t looking for results. He’s looking for you to see Him and for you to know He sees you. God desires your boldness, not success. So even when it doesn’t work out, God cares for you, mourns with you, and sees that you are growing into who you are meant to be. He is faithful to fulfill His promises to you.” (p. 70)
  • “And then there’s you, someone reading this with a light ready to be shared. Whether you’re too scared to shine because the crowd is comforting, or you think your past makes it hard to shine, remember this light isn’t dependent on who you are; it is dependent on who God is. This light will be bright not because you’re worthy of shining but because God is powerful enough to use broken vessels like you and me for His glory.” (p. 144)
  • “Your voice isn’t meant to be silenced. When God calls you to something, I pray you do it. However, don’t expect a literal voice; sometimes it is just your heart pumping with joy as you paint, teach, start that business, care for your children, make music, or write. When you feel this joy, do it for Jesus. Find ways to go and tell with this gift. But never forget we have the gift of our voice. We all are called to spread the gospel through love and through this truth.” (p. 174)

Aren’t those wonderful? I hope they whet your appetite for Grace’s lovely book. Keep reading for more about the author and info on where you can find What Will They Think?

About Grace Valentine, the author

Grace Valentine is an author, blogger, podcast host, and speaker. Her readers love the fact that she is young, ordinary, and relatable; they say her fresh voice helps them navigate their own faith and life. Grace’s mission is to show others that Christianity is not lame–it is an adventure worth living.

Grace grew up near New Orleans, Louisiana, in a suburban town called Mandeville. She graduated from Baylor University in 2018 with a degree in journalism. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys going on runs and eating lots of sushi.

Grace is the bestselling author of Am I Enough? and Is It Just Me?

Where you can purchase What Will They Think?

You can purchase What Will They Think? from numerous booksellers and both online and brick-and-mortar stores via the link below. Just click on the link below!

Purchase What Will They Think? here

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: This was a sponsored thoughts. All the opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.

My review of the gorgeous NET Abide Bible (& giveaway, ends 7/24/22)

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I have received the most unique and gorgeous Bible to review, from FrontGate Media. And its format and beauty have absolutely won my heart. Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson, along with Bible Gateway and the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, have created a Bible that totally lives up to its name: “Abide.” Its full name is the NET Abide Bible. I am just filled with joy to share this with you–and also, to tell you that you can not only enter to win a copy for yourself, but that you can also access a free 21-day Bible study!

What is the NET Abide Bible?

The NET (New English Translation) Abide Bible is designed to help you to engage with God’s Word. No matter which book of the Bible, or which chapter or verses you open to, you will find unique, creative, and thoughtful helps which will enable you to approach Bible reading, and even Bible study, in a way that’s quite different from any other that I’ve seen. Specifically, these helps include ideas and specific directions, scattered throughout the entire Bible, for:

  • Contemplation: meditating on, resting in, and listening to what God has to say to you, on each chapter or passage
  • Journaling: responding to what the Scriptures say, whether it’s verses that impact you, questions you have, ideas for putting verses into practice, and more
  • Picturing It: applying your imagination to the text. If you had witnessed the verses as they happened, what might you have apprehended with your 5 senses?
  • Praying Scripture: Praying actual verses, or letting them inspire you to praise
  • Engaging through Art: This Bible includes many reproductions of famous paintings, sculptures, and photographs, with prompts for the reader. These include art of Biblical scenes or passages, or other art which can inspire prayer, with verses to ponder.

Each Bible book begins with a description of what is contained in the book, its historical and literary context, and how readers can prepare themselves for the book, and what God might wish to teach or show them.

This Bible is available in a variety of cover designs (hardback, leathersoft, leathersoft with designs, in a variety of colors). It also has two attached ribbon markers in a satiny finish. It contains a 365-Day Bible Reading Plan, colorful Bible maps, and some thoughts on Bible reading.

My thoughts on the NET Abide Bible

I have to admit to you that I fell in love with this Bible before I ever held it in my hands, and I anticipated reading and engaging with it long before I opened it! I am not a great artist myself; or really even a good one. But I do love beauty, and I am inspired by creativity. In addition, for years I loved teaching the Bible and art to children in a complementary way. So much of the world’s great historical art is based on Bible passages or parables, like Rembrandt’s “The Return of the Prodigal Son” painting, Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes, or the many paintings of Jesus and moments from His life. But even when a piece of art isn’t specifically of a Bible scene, it can still inspire us to beautiful thinking, remind us of God’s love or creativity, or help us to apprehend something He’d have us to know about Him. The NET Abide Bible reprints dozens and dozens of pieces of art, and directs readers to particular Scriptures plus observing the art, all with the aim of helping them grow closer–to abide–with the Lord. It combines the some of the things I love best in the world–God’s Word, and beautiful art–so that I can draw near to the Lord in creative ways.

Now! This Bible is not only focused on engaging the reader with visual art. Because really, we need to engage with the Lord in other ways as well. The ideas for prayer, the directions for preparing our hearts for what we’re about to read, the journaling directions, the thoughts for meditation and contemplation, are all incredibly rich, quite varied, and also faithful to the text. They’re scattered through this Bible quite thoroughly, so that there is hardly a page without them.

In the end, I think that this Bible is just the thing for anyone who wants to grow closer to God. It is perfect for devotional reading; for daily Bible reading; for family worship times; for teaching children; for listening to God. I so recommend it to you!

Some of my favorite parts of my new Bible

Of course, I LOVE all the art, and being able to use beloved artworks in my quiet times and in order to draw near to God is such a wonderful experience for me. I love the thoughtfully-created prayer, journaling, and contemplative readings. I love the way that the authors of the prayer and journaling prompts cross-reference Old Testament passages with the New Testament, and vice versa. I love that this is the perfect Bible for travel, in that it is sufficient for significant study time even without other study books.

Here are some of my favorite prompt passages (and you’ll see some of my favorite art scattered throughout this blog post!):

  • “READ. In this passage (Isaiah 60:19-61:11) Isaiah provided a poignant picture of God’s planned restoration. As you read, make note of the main improvements God has in store for His people…Ask God to reveal Himself to you more consistently and enable you to confidently look forward to a positive future with Him.” (p. 1020)
  • “JOURNAL Psalm 19:1-14…Where do you see God’s glory in the natural world around you, despite living in a fallen world (see vv. 1-6)? Verses 7-10 call attention to God’s Word. How does reading the Bible revive your soul?” (p. 741)
  • “PRAYING SCRIPTURE (Philippians 3:10-14) Paul knew exactly what he aimed for. He was not floundering or lost. He had a clear goal…But Paul pursued the knowledge of Jesus. He did not dwell on the past; he stretched toward what was ahead (v. 13). What is your primary goal in life?…Ask God to help you press on toward your reward in Christ.” (p. 1660)

Sign up for a free 21-day Bible study

Thomas Nelson Bibles has created a 21-day Bible study on the Gospel of John. It’s full of video teaching, daily devotionals, and a free pdf download of the Gospel of John from the Abide Bible for you to use as you study. Just click on the link below that says “Free Gospel of John Abide Study.”

Free Gospel of John Abide Study

And…enter to win your own copy of the NET Abide Bible!

You can enter a giveaway to win your own copy of the NET Abide Bible. Just click on the link below that says “Enter giveaway here!” That will take you to the Blessed Freebies website where you can enter to win. Enter by July 24, 2022. The winner will be selected on July 25, 2022. Best wishes!

Enter giveaway here!

You can purchase this Bible here:

Just click on the link below to purchase the NET Abide Bible.

Purchase NET Abide Bible

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this Bible from FrontGate Media. I’ve expressed my own honest opinions in this review.

Free family/parenting devo on YouVersion app from ANM

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I’ve shared with you about ANM (Advancing Native Missions) materials and products before. Now, I have a fantastic devotional app for families from FrontGate Media and ANM to share with you. It’s available, free, on the YouVersion Bible app. Let me tell you more!

“Leading Your Child on Mission” Bible devotional

FrontGate Media and Advancing Native Missions have worked together to produce this lovely devotional which helps parents teach their children about God and His amazing love for people of every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. It’s available free on the YouVersion Bible app (or via the YouVersion website). It could actually be used as a simply, great-for-all-ages Bible study (that means little ones, too!).

For 5 days, parents and kids can read the devotionals together, then read the Bible verses together. The devotionals are wonderful, user-friendly guides and encouragements for helping parents teach their kids about missions, and what God says about sharing the good news. They include inspiring words, tips and ideas, and thoughts that will help parents take that next step in discipling and training their own kids in spiritual matters.

The verses (about 2-4 per day) are, just like the devotionals, right there in the app or web page. There are many Bible versions that parents can select and also tons of languages to select from (which means it’s perfect for families all over the globe).

There’s some old wisdom that goes something like this: “Find out what God is doing, and join Him.”

“Leading Your Child on Mission,” Day 5

My thoughts about “Leading Your Child on Mission”

I have to admit that this devotional/Bible study hits me right in the “sweet spot!” I love materials that equip us to teach our children about God, His call, and the Bible, as well as how we can share the gospel both here at home and across the world. ANM’s “Leading Your Child on Mission” makes it so easy for parents to teach their kids about how to share God’s love with others. It is simple to follow and to share with little ones–or even older kids. Plus, I love the Scriptures and devotionals. Here are a couple of my favorite moments from this study:

  • “For who has despised the day of small things? But these seven eyes of the Lord, which scan the whole earth, will rejoice…” (Zechariah 4:10, Day 2)
  • “There’s some old wisdom that goes something like this: “Find out what God is doing, and join Him.”” (Day 5)
  • “…After all, Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these [little children].” (Day 3)

God loves us all so much. How wonderful if we can communicate that with our children, pass on what we are learning and have learned, and share that love with those God has placed in our lives!

Wonderful devotional. Wonderful help for parents!

Get the “Leading Your Child on Mission” app here

You can access both the website and download the app by clicking on the website below.

“Leading Your Child on Mission” YouVersion app

About Advancing Native Missions (ANM)

You have hope to share. We’re here to help you share it.

Since 1992 ANM has helped individual Christians and local churches get involved in global missions in ways that make sense for them. Because we believe there’s a place for everyone in God’s global mission, even if you can’t travel to distant countries and remote tribes. 

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. All opinions shared here are my own, and honest.